Where One May Need a PowerPoint Presentation

There are many places and times that make a PowerPoint presentation a great choice. They are easy to put together and are ideal for presenting ideas in a wide range of settings. If you’re trying to motivate your team, a PowerPoint presentation is a simple way to get the job done. A PowerPoint presentation is also a prime way to ensure that a team meeting progresses and that you make sure you hit all the major points and present all the necessary information required. That might be at work or for a volunteer opportunity. Students also find a PowerPoint presentation to be an excellent way to share information with their classmates on a huge variety of topics that allows for text and photos that reinforce the topic and information being presented. The great thing about a PowerPointpresentation is that it’s very basic to set up, allows you to include lots of information and is a fun and engaging way to present information of all kinds to your audience. You can create a PowerPoint on almost any laptop or personal computer and can then save to the hard drive or download it to a USB stick, which can be used in any other computer. You can also email a PowerPoint directly to your audience with just the click of a button.

How We Style PowerPoint Presentation

The way you style your PowerPoint plays a role in what makes a good PowerPoint presentation. There are some things to keep in mind when you style your presentation so that it makes the most impact to your audience. The best PowerPoint presentations can be yours with ease if you know what makes them something that leaves a mark on your audience and that leaves them with the information you’re trying to convey.

You might consider starting out by handing out papers that your audience can follow along with throughout the presentation. This makes it easy for everyone to know where you are what part of the presentation you are on so that’s latecomer can catch up easily. When you create your slides, be sure to use good grammar, punctuation and spelling so that you audience takes you seriously and can understand what each slide says. Most experts will tell you to avoid using abbreviations because they can be confusing and hard to follow. Other tips include using bullet points to highlight important information and sticking to basic layouts when you create your slides so that things don’t become too busy and hard to read. Make sure you use an easy to read font and that you make it large enough for your audience to read. Try to stay away from too much colour, which can be distracting and make it hard to read the text. When possible, avoid animations or cartoons, which are also distracting and can take away from the message of the presentation. In short, keep each slide short and simple so that it’s easy to see and easy to read, both for you and your entire audience.

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Dos and Don’ts that Assignment Master Uses

When it comes to creating an effective PowerPoint presentation, there are a number of things you can do right and some that you can do wrong. Knowing what these dos and don’ts are can save you a lot of trouble while also helping you deliver the best PowerPoint you can. This list outlines what you should and shouldn’t do when making a PowerPoint.


  • Include the most important information in the top 90% of slide. Lower parts might not be able to be seen by people in the back.
  • Delete anything that is not essential to the presentation.
  • Use illustrations to reinforce the information being presented.
  • Use a minimum of 18 point when you choose a font.
  • Use bold or italic to emphasize important information.
  • Proofread everything before the presentation.
  • Keep images the same size and in the same location on the slide.


  • Don’t use too much distracting color or animated images.
  • Avoid underlining parts of the text, which can be distracting.
  • Don’t put too many points on each slide, but spread them out instead.
  • Never use clip art.
  • Do not use all caps.
  • Make sure your tables do not have too many rows.
  • Don’t use sound or transition effects because they can be very distracting.

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is something that you will find to be pretty easy and straightforward. When giving a presentation for any reason, your audience will appreciate that you have all of the important information summarized and easy to follow along with. If you use these handy tips and tricks combined with the dos and don’ts, you’ll always have a presentation that is effective, easy to comprehend and that gets your message conveyed without trouble. Practice makes perfect so spend some time familiarizing yourself with the program and before you know it, you’ll be a pro.

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