We are in a society where digital reading material has become the norm. Our generation consists of digital natives. They have grown up with smartphones, laptops, e-readers, and tablets. Read more
Most students would think that landing a volunteer position is easier than landing a traditional paid job position. Wrong belief, as volunteering is no longer what it used to be. Volunteers are now expected to show as many signs of professionalism as job employees do, and a bit more. Read more
There are so many reasons why you should study and enjoy your student life in the UK. UK universities are among the best universities in the world. Therefore, if you wish to be fully prepared for the global market, you should definitely attend one of the UK's top universities. British universities offer scholarships in many fields of study. Read more
We all know that some people have a better memory than others, but the memory is something you can work on and improve. Knowing this, to boost your memory for better understanding the material is possible. If you often tell yourself things like 'I cannot remember this', or 'My mind went blank', you must take immediate action to improve your memory. Read more
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