Over the years the cost of studying and living in the UK has been a matter of controversy. Today, students can expect to spend upwards of £10,000. However, taking into consideration the different type of lifestyle that you live, the costs can be higher. This calls for proper planning if you are coming to the UK to study from abroad. Read more
Whether you are in your final year or you have graduated some time ago, you have probably asked yourself what choice you should make. Should you get a Master's Degree or not? Taking into consideration the costs and the length of a Master, this option doesn't sound so good anymore. And if you also want to work at the same time, doing assignments and learning for exams sound a little bit tiring. Read more
When school is finished and summer is around the corner, you just can't get enough of it. As every other student in the world, you want to make the best of this year's summer before the new study year begins. Lucky for you, the last few years have been very rich in terms of UK festivals during the summer. With the right research and smart investment, you can have the perfect party weekends before school begins again. Read more
Most people encounter problems when it comes to apply for a job post, especially for starters like recent graduates who barely know where to start, as nobody is teaching them at school how to apply for a job. Read more
The summer vacation is usually a symbol for freedom and fun times for most teenagers around the world. On the other hand, the summer vacation is the perfect time to get a part-time job that allows you to gain professional experience in various domains, new friends and relationships, and, of course, earn tempting paychecks. Read more