Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should Anyone Trust You?

You should trust us because we back up what we say with results. Other companies use words to make you believe what they want you to believe. We have hundreds of happy customers willing to back us up on what we say. Any company lives and dies by its reputation. We wouldn't even waste our time trying to cheat anyone because the returns are absolutely nothing compared to the damage caused.

What Should I Do if Something Goes Wrong?

If you have any queries or concerns we advise you to simply get in touch with us. We have a customer support team which is available 24/7. You can contact them free of charge using the email messaging system or the on-site live chat system. Each operative is experienced and knows exactly how to deal with customer queries.

Who are Your Writers?

Our writers are experienced professionals. All of them hold at least a master's degree in their chosen subject. Your paper is assigned to someone who has the experience needed to complete the assignment. No writer can write for us unless they have a few years of academic writing experience. You can send messages to your writer via our customer support team. Our recruitment policy for our writers is how we guarantee quality each and every time.

What Subjects and Types of Assignments Do You Write?

We write on practically anything and everything. We can complete law essays, chemistry dissertations, mathematics research papers, and coursework. We operate from high school level to university level. If you can think of it the chances we can cover it. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us.

What is Your Policy on Hidden Fees and Additional Costs?

Our policy is we don't agree with them. We think they're wrong because they're simply deceptive. The price you see is the price you get. It's why your instant quote is available on the same page as the one you order on. You can see real-time updates to your order and you can review the total cost before authorising a payment.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

We do. We believe if you aren't happy with your paper we will revise it until you're happy. Once you get your paper back we will ask you if you're fully satisfied. If we can't come to a compromise we will happily send you a refund as we haven't done our job correctly.

What we won't do is offer a refund if you entered incorrect instructions. Once our writer begins working on the order you can't cancel it and receive a refund. It's not so we can still get our money. Please remember our writers are freelance professionals and it isn't fair on them if clients suddenly cancel when they've already finished the order.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

From time to time we make special promotional codes available. We always have some sort of introductory offer for new customers. We tend to specialise in the simpler discounts. The ones where it's a straight price cut and not a strange 'buy one get one free if you jump through x hoops' offer. Look out for more information on our website. We'll clearly display it when we're offering a new discount.

Can Someone Find Out I've Asked You for Help?

Whilst there's nothing wrong with employing someone to get some help with your essay, we understand how you might want some additional privacy. We never release the details of our clients. Under no circumstances will we leak your information without our permission. We don't leak any of our work either. Every piece of writing is completely original and it's never available online at any point. There's no chance of anyone finding out you asked us for help.

How Will You Deliver My Work?

We will deliver your work through your email inbox. We use an email delivery system as we think it's more convenient for you. We think it's inefficient to make each customer return to the website via a special download link. Once you receive your work in your inbox, all you need to do is download it.