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Linda Craig

Linda is currently a managing editor at Assignment Masters, where she initially worked as a contributing writer. Her career came into its own after a big break on the site when she consistently wrote several articles that drove good traffic to the site. Since then, Linda has been one of the site's most prominent contributors, covering a wide range of article topics under blogging, digital learning, creative writing, and career development (including lifehack articles)

Her amazing content have gained traction throughout the course of Linda's career due to her wit and writing style, which adapts an intelligent yet conversational tone that is often sought for in plenty of writers. Add this to the fact that her style and tone are incorporated seamlessly in such wide range of topics, and you can see why Linda has received such renown within her writing community.

As an undergraduate, Linda took English Literature with Creative Writing at Manchester University, where she established her own reputation as a well-rounded and innovative student.

After graduating with her honors degree, she further pursued an interesting career path in the academe with a Master of Arts in Digital Technologies, Communication, and Education. Here, she learned to connect her love and talent in writing with the ability to engage an audience and cover a diverse variety of subjects. Linda is also a language learning geek, mastering her German and Mandarin.

Among her most prominent dissertations are on a comparison of the efficacy of customer loyalty programmes, and an analysis of student responses in Student Perceptions in a Market-Led Educational Sector: An Evaluation of Student Service Expectations.

Apart from these, Linda's versatility shows in her ability to write essays about other relevant topics outside and inside her immediate field of interest:

  • Digital Nations: Cultural Intersections in Transnational Experiences, a qualitative research paper which organizes and analyzes data collected from a survey towards the digital connection of transnational individuals' experience in their communities;
  • A study on the necessary curriculum changes in business management courses to adapt to the ongoing digital disruption and increasing globalization;
  • An analysis of popular trends in digital consumption for adolescents and young adults.

At the moment, Linda is handling the training of her own writing team at Assignment Masters, where she hopes to pass on some of her knowledge. With her recent promotion to management, Linda also contributes to the news section now as a content strategist.

Editor's Testimonials

What a fantastic post. I'm totally checking out all the tools you mentioned now. Never knew about them before. Thank you for providing a valuable insight for our readers.
Katelyn Fagan,
'What's Up Blogging'
Linda provided remarkable memorizing techniques for language learning purposes. Her writing style is smooth and engaging, one of the highest engagement rates on my blog.
Teddy Nee ,
Nee's Language Blog
Mary Kleim

With a degree in sociology and psychology, Mary is currently working towards her masters at Bath University. When she was in university, she recalled other students talking about Assignment Masters and decided topay them a visit. Mary was well qualified for the job, and after passing the preliminary interviews and tests, she received a job as an assignment writer in the sociology department.

Mary's writing style is powerful and convincing, which makes her an excellent candidate for writing student essays on sociology. In addition, hse is able to stay up to date with the most recent curriculum changes because he is still in university studying for her Master's degree.

Mary is a prolific surfer and snowboarder, which also helps to maintain her healthy lifestyle. She is also discovering current digital trends and helps all her teammates to stay up-to-date in terms of technology and analytical methods.

In her spare time, Mary has been known to contribute movie reviews to social media and blog communities. She also contributes funny articles and posts to blogs, websites and forums around the country, and is gaining quite a following in university for her hilarious online articles. But her main focus is still on digital tools, social media marketing and opportunities for writers to benefit from modern tech.

Editor's Testimonials

Mary Kleim has provided 7marketz Social Marketing Blog with an insightful guest post that contributed our readers with information about social media and influencer marketing. Her great piece included valuable study research combined with practical and hands-on advice to the readers.
M. Burushkina
CMO and Digital Marketing Consultant
7marketz Inc.
Laura Johnson

Laura is a senior writer at Assignment Masters. With her degree in history, she originally wanted to be a travel writer, but three years as a junior journalist taught her that it was not the job of her dreams. Laura was headhunted by Linda at Assignment Masters. The great thing about her style of writing and her experience is that she is able to diligently turn her hand to any type of written content. She has created viral blog posts on history, she has written research papers and coursework pieces on history that have scored top marks when students have handed them in.

Laura's duties are varied. She spends most of her time writing coursework pieces, coming up with coursework topics, editing and proofreading. She also trains newer writers, helps to craft company policy, and is a frontrunner with regards to keeping up with current national curricula to ensure that she and her trainees do not create outdated content.

Assignment Masters completes a great many coursework projects over the course of a year. Laura is in charge of coursework writing team, although writes many of them herself. Here are some of recent titles and topics that she worked on:

  • The ancient history of China. The hidden history of Namibia. The history of Israel. Gothic era influences on architecture. Pre-Christian world history.
  • How did democracy evolve in Greece? Which government has had the biggest impact on civil freedom? Which countries have the bloodiest history?

Laura's high school years were rather lackluster, as were here college years. It was only when she entered Durham University that things started to heat up. As the third rated university in the UK for history, she was able to showcase her talents to a wide audience. This in turn helped her secure a junior journalist job, which is very difficult for a newly graduated person to do.

Laura enjoys writing guest posts on a variety of different subjects, such as blogging tips, Search Engine Optimization, motivation, attitude balancing, traditional values, politics, movies, games, women's issues and productivity hacks. Here are some recent comments on her articles:

Editor's Testimonials

We Had a pleasure to cooperate with Laura as a contributor to growth section of our magazine. She is a very talented writer, open for new writing challenges. We can recommend her work!
Sarah Williams
(Editor at Wingman Magazine)
The article that Laura wrote for AE was well received and have gotten significant number of views. The great thing about the article was that it had actionable information that our audience could use. It is also important to note that Laura is easy to work with
Marmel Reposar
Asian Efficiency
Kate SImpson

Kate Simpson was always adamant to take on a degree at the University of London. She spent several years as a teacher's assistant without ever being able to break into the essay-writing industry, which is why she decided to go back to university and get a degree so she may pursue her career as an essayist. After several applications with Assignment Masters, she finally secured a part-time position.

A little under-experienced, Kate was not given an office position. Instead, she was allowed to telecommute and only complete High School papers. After three months, she was introduced into the offices, where she was correctly trained as a part-time worker. The understanding is that Kate Simpson will begin her full-time career once she has her Management Degree

Kate custom writes high school essays. Despite the fact she has less experience than most of Assignment Masters' new starters, she is able to produce high quality work within a very short space of time. She is also leading some of the most important editing projects and contributes articles to Assignment Masters news section.

Kate Simpson undertakes a wide range of topics. She mainly works on business and marketing topics, provides her thoughts on career development. Flexible and dedicated, Kate has already proven that a determined attitude will get you far. She is currently doing very well in university, and is expected to pass her degree with flying colors. In her spare time, between working for Assignment Masters and studying she is contributing lots of marketing dedicated posts to renowned blogs.

Editor's Testimonials

Kate Simpson provided a well researched and thought-out article for my website. She had obviously done her homework as the article was a great fit for my readers and contained great suggestions to enable others to improve themselves.
Katy Whitton
from Flipping Heck

Academic writing is a very complicated field. Students need to get the best quality papers on specific topics, which requires broad skills and mindset. Our creative team consists of four brilliant individuals, each with a unique character and background. Each of them bears responsibility for a certain chunk of orders. Linda Craig was the first to join our team. She used to be a regular writer, who was making a significant progress performing marketing tasks as well. It was her idea to introduce a news section to the site and create a marvelous English Literature Test. Now she is in charge of completing the most challenging and complicated dissertations. Laura, our brilliant writer, has a degree in History. Her main responsibility at Assignmentmasters is writing courseworks. She is engaged in close collaboration with Linda regarding marketing techniques for Assignmentmasters. Her marvelous ideas allow us to assist students in the United Kingdom as well as other countries with various academic assignments. Linda and Laura are the masterminds of every brilliant piece of content that we have produced so far.

This year two more bright persons have joined our writing team: Mary and Kate. They are essay writing managers and mainly focus on creating a steady flow of highly-specific and well-written essays on every possible topic. Mary holds a degree in Psychology, so everything related to smart insights and innovative ideas belongs to her realm while Kate is a data-driven analytical genius, who may perform complex programming assignments as well as research-based projects. Our team is constantly engaging with each other in order to find new approaches and ideas for our business. We constantly do our best to provide you with the best-written assignments and useful pieces of news.

Assignmentmasters' team strives to get better for you.
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