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The 10 Main Types of Students You'll See in Every Classroom

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Whether you're starting your first year in college or you're switching high schools, you must feel a least a bit concerned about the other students there and how you'll get along with them. Luckily, students in almost any class usually fit in a few specific personality categories – at least to some extent. Here they are below, to make your life easier right from the start.

The Natural Born Leader

The natural born leaders are charming personalities whom most other students look up to. When they speak, everybody listens to them and they are usually passionate, spirited people that can get a hold of people without an effort – or even without being aware of the power they can have over others. They are well-rounded persons typically liked by colleagues and teachers alike. Usually, they like to use our Masters assignment help services.

The Joker

Every class has at least one student who takes it upon themselves to keep everybody entertained. Their ultimate goal is to stir laughs and draw attention regardless of consequences, and therefore they often get into trouble. They may be fun to be around, but teachers don't usually like them that much, so associating yourself with a Joker may not be in your best interest academically-wise.

The Disorganized

These are those classmates that usually have chaotic desks and lockers, are often late to class or after-school activities, and they never seem to have a pen on them. They also usually forget to bring in their assignments, but hopefully can use services like «College time is good not only for studying with using They can be frustrating to teachers, but also to Achievers, when it comes to group projects.

The Nerd

Nerds are often seen as highly intelligent people (and they usually are), but quite quirky or different. They have unique hobbies or interests compared to most students and they often tend to grow a sort of a cult or fixation around those interests. They can be very interesting to get to know but, unfortunately, are a favorite target of bullies.

The Bully

Bullies… you know them. They're the ones everybody hates. The ones who always pick on the small, skinny guy in class or make fun of the shy girl from out of town. Their targets are those whom they deem physically or emotionally weaker than them, although most of the times the bullies themselves are the ones who are insecure and vulnerable.

The Achiever

The achiever is the one who always works hard to get good grades and reach their goals. Whether they are naturally smart or not, achievers manage to overcome all obstacles through hard work. Many teachers love these types of students, but they are not always popular with their fellow classmates.

The Pot Stirrer

The pot stirrers love drama – but not the kind that actually involves them. They are master manipulators who look for subtle ways and buttons to push to turn other classmates against each other or stir controversy of any kind. Then, they sit back and relax, watching the "stage show" that oftentimes only they know they directed.

The Smarty Pants

You know these ones too! Smarty Pants are the students who are always sarcastic and have something to comment or question about everything that's said in class, including the teacher's lecture. They are often very smart and good learners, but their confrontational nature can get them into trouble.

The Respectful

The respectful student never has anything bad to say to or about anyone. They are very polite, all the more so with people in authority, and they avoid conflict as much as possible. Nobody usually dislikes them, but they are not the most popular in the class either.

The Socialite

The socialite loves to talk, loves to be surrounded by people, and loves to be seen surrounded by people. They often participate in classroom discussions and have an opinion about everything. They are highly preoccupied with their personal image and are very careful about who they associate themselves with.

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