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Ranking Of UK Universities 2017

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Each and every year, school and college leavers across the country eagerly anticipate the annual list of UK university rankings. British institutions always make a healthy showing in the broader world university rankings, but the UK specific list can be helpful for those students who are looking to apply for different schools for the next stage in their higher education. University rankings are a clear indicator of a school's quality and reputation, so to give you an idea of the best the country has to offer, here are the five best according to university rankings UK.

1. University Of Oxford

A constant feature at the top of the annual rankings, the University of Oxford is comprised of 44 colleges and halls that are spread across the historic city. Admission to any one of the colleges is extremely hard fought, with over 18,000 annually applying for just 3,200 places. The cultural life of Oxford is just as important as the academic life, with iconic activities such as rowing and other varsity sports being a central interest outside of the varied subjects that students are able to study.

2. University Of Cambridge

Wherever there is Oxford, so there is Cambridge. The two universities have been competing and raising their levels in competition for as long as education has been universal in the UK. Cambridge is particularly regarded as being the best university in the country for the study of mathematical subjects, with a total of 92 Nobel prizes throughout history having been awarded to former students of the university's 31 different colleges. The acceptance rate to Cambridge is around 25%, proving just how competitive the application process is for the top universities in the country.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the best universities in the world for subjects based in science, engineering, medicine, technology and business. Founded in 1907 through a merger of three separate London colleges, Imperial now boasts over 14000 students and 8000 staff members, and it also boasts one of the most multicultural student bodies in the country with more than 120 different nationalities being represented across all degree subjects. Numerous Imperial graduates have gone on to achieve great things in the areas of industry and business, with many blue chip companies eager to employ people with a degree from Imperial.

4. University College London

University College London has a wonderful reputation for equality, being the first university in England to have admitted students purely based on academic talent, regardless of race, religion or class. It was also the first university to admit men and women on equal terms. UCL also happens to be one of the most selective British universities, and as a result it consistently produces some of the most sought after and employable graduates in he country. With the main university campus being located in the desirable London location of Bloomsbury, UCL also offers a fantastic life experience during your years of study.

5. London School Of Economics And Political Science

LSE is arguably the best choice for an international student looking to study in the UK, as they regularly boast a high percentage of international students, often around 70%. The university's particular strengths are in the areas of law, history, economics, politics and philosophy, and a staggering 26% of all Nobel prizes in history have been awarded to former students or affiliates of the institution. The university campus is in the heart of London, surrounded by iconic buildings like the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Museum.

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