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Plagiarism: how to avoid it

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Plagiarism is using someone else's work and presenting it as yours. Colleges as well as our service Assignment Master UK do not tolerate such behavior and if you plagiarize content in your academic papers, you will get punished.

And What Will Happen if IPlagiarize?

The sure thing is that you will get caught. And then plagiarism punishments varyfor the different colleges. You might need to resubmit your paper. Also, you might receive a written warning. In case you have multiple accounts of plagiarism, the college may undertake some disciplinary actions. And they often range from failing this subject up to expulsion. This depends both on the severity of plagiarism and the college policy.

How Do Colleges Detect Plagiarism?

Many colleges use specialized plagiarism software, called Turnitin. It compares the submitted work with a detailed database of websites, as well articles and previously submitted college assignments.

However, there is a grey-hat option. You are not officially forbidden to use a lot of quotes in case they are properly attributed in your paper. You cannot hope for a good mark with such a paper but it is sometimes enough to pass your course.

Although you might think that you can get away, remember that your college will always know if you have directly copied someone else's work. The database simply saves everything and you will get detected.

How Unique Should Be My Paper?

When submitting your paper, you will rarely see that is 100% plagiarism-free but there is no need to worry about it. This is caused bycertain quotations being markedas copied. You will not have a problem with this if you always use quotation marks and referenceswhen they are necessary.

You also need to remember that learning to reference will take time and practice. You will get used to it after your first essays.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Here are a few precious techniques which will help you avoid plagiarism:

  • Citing - this is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism issues. You need to follow the document formatting guideline which your college uses. Citing is definitely simple enough and will save you lots of troubles.
  • Paraphrasing - if you have the perfect information for your project, just try to paraphrase it. Understand what it means and explain it with your own words. Do not copy more than two words in a row because you will get detected. If you need to take from this text more than two words together, then use quotation marks.
  • Quoting - this is using information exactly the way it appears. Quoting must always be done correctly in order to avoid plagiarism issues, so pay attention.
  • Referencing - this is an obligatory part of writing an academic paper. Include a reference page at the end of your text. It should be clear enough what sources of information you used. Do not miss a source and do not put ones which you did not actually use in your paper. The reference page should also meet the document formatting guidelines which your college requires. This page should include specific information about the author, the particular date of publication, and the title. Our writers from assignment writing service uk are providing unique essays and you should be confident receiving them.

Plagiarism issues are quite common because most of the students try to do things the easiest way. But presenting someone else's work as yours is actually a type if thief and is forbidden by the colleges. As a student, you should find a way to strictly follow the rules and not to plagiarize content.

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