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How to come-up with smart and hilarious topic for your essay

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Coming up with smart and funny topics for your essay is tough, but you do have an advantage. Your advantage is that you know what funny is, so you can be the best judge of the topics you think up.

You can be the judge of how funny and direct your topic is. If you are not impressed, then think of another topic. The key to coming up with a really funny topic is using trial and error. Funny stuff often pops up like a gofer with a tennis ball stuck in its teeth: it doesn't happen often, but you know it is funny when you see it. Remember, you can always get assignment writing help UK at our service

Your subject area may already be loaded with comedy gold

Search out jokes about your subject area. There are plenty of jokes about mainstream college subjects, so finding jokes about your subject should be easy. You should then look for very esoteric jokes that only people in the business will get (including your professor).

Impressing your professor with a joke that excludes non-professional is an easy way to push your grade up. For example, if your boss is your programming teacher, add the joke, “You had me at Hello World.” Turn your jokes into your essay topic as much as you can, making sure to keep bringing your essay back to the original topic.

Skim read other websites for things that tickle you

Enter a word or two that relates to your current subject, and search out funny content. You do not have to read it fully. You only need to skim read the content to get the gist of it before you are inspired by it and make it your own. If the web content makes you laugh, then you need to seriously consider using the same type of material for your essay.

There is nothing wrong with stealing the idea and/or topic of another person and rewriting it to make it fit your essay or your idea. Change it enough, and it will become your own.

Try your main keyword along with the word “Funny” on Google images

The method is as dry as a camel's nose, but it works. If you have to write about something to do with a war, then type in a relevant keyword such as “battle” and type in the word “funny.”

The images that come up will inspire you to create a funny topic. For example, you may see something on the war on terror where a short old man is waving his walking stick at the terrifying shadowy outline of Alfred Hitchcock. Such an image may inspire a very funny topic for your essay.

Take a regular premise and invent a wacky example of it

Add a little absurdity into a regular premise, and you may create some very funny topics. Think of something a little ludicrous, such as a field of carrots, and add an absurd twist, such as claiming that it is a mass graveyard for snowmen.

You may could always take a regular event, such as the US election, and add in something ludicrous, such as a billionaire TV star running for president against the wife of an ex-president who cheated on her in the office she is trying to win.

Write down many topics and essay titles

Funny stuff doesn't tend to come out on demand. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort, so if you are truly stuck, start writing possible tittles with a funny edge. Do a list of them and keep going until you are completely out of ideas. Look at your list and see if you can make any further topics or essay titles based on parts of what you have written. If you cannot, then wait half an hour and go back to your list to pick the funniest title and/or topic.

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