News Jun 24th 2016

UK VS US Education Systems

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You know for a fact that studying either in the United States or in the United Kingdom is a dream comes true. Not only do you get to have the quality education that you need but you also get to live either the so-called American Dream or the British Dream. Both of them are excelling in terms of Education and Research so both options are wise. It was actually stated in Times Higher Education that the top 200 universities in the world are located in either the states of America or in parts of UK. Both nation share a quality of higher education, best facilities, and culturally rich when it comes to discoveries and inventions. What more can you actually asked for?

Here's the basic information you should know:

In United Kingdom Educational System, they described academic institutions as "college". The age bracket for this is starting from 16 years old to 18 years old (all for those who are studying their A-Levels). UK also used the term college to denote the different colleges within a university. For example, the University of London has different colleges inside it. Most people also don't use the word university there. It's commonly abbreviated to “uni”.

In United States, the word “college” has a different meaning. It simply pertains to schools which are in higher education or university.

Key Features of Each System:

  • Price of attending to a university in United Kingdom is relatively small. In US, going to a university costs really high for students.
  • In UK, college begins at an early age of 16 where students choose their field of specialization at that age as well. In US, college starts after Senior High School or at the age of 18, where they also choose their field of specialization.
  • In UK, undergraduate study goes for about 3 years before completion. In US, undergraduate study lasts for 4 years.
  • In UK to be able to be called professional, you need to finish a master's degree for that recognition. In US, you can get a good job plus good salary pay even when you only obtain a bachelor's degree.
  • In UK, home works are rare. Final exam is also taking 80% of the final grade. In US, home works make up a large portion of the grade.
  • In UK, grades are given to what you deserved. It's based out of 100. But the truth is, getting 75% is rare. In US, grading system is the same. But getting a 90% of the grade is easy and common.

Given the key features, you can tell which system beats another. Generally speaking you may find it that the United Kingdom's educational system has a better quality than of the United States. Numbers don't lie as well. According to research, 91% of students graduate from High School in United Kingdom. But in the US, only 77% of the students graduate in that level of education. When you study in UK, students would remain focused on the discipline that would lead to critical analysis and inquisitive method. How such thing was created? Now in the US, it's more of a direct approach and a teaching success.

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