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Best University Rugby Teams

University Rugby
Rugby is a very popular sport in UK. Actually, its name comes from a British city called just like that, Rugby. The idea of this kind of game originates in a French activity, "la soule". UK college students were unofficially playing a variation of this French sport. But one day, an English student did a strange thing during a football match - he held the ball in his arms and ran beyond the gate. This event triggered college representatives to put the bases of a new game. Eventually, the final rules were set down by college students coming from the city of Rugby.

In those times, rugby was practiced only by the elite, wealthy students from famous colleges. But today, every student has the possibility of getting on the field. Additionally, every academic institution has a rugby team competing in different divisions. Young men are motivated to practice this sport by its prestige and tradition. Plus, rugby players are in an amazing physical shape and they are regarded as strong alpha males.

Depending on the size, performance and budget, colleges are part of a certain division. Below, there are presented the top three best university teams.
  1. The Golden Bears, University of California, Berkeley
  2. This team has created a legacy - it played in 26 national championships and won no less than 25! Furthermore, since the rugby championships began in 1980, the Golden Bears won 26 titles out of 32. Due to these performances, the team qualified for the US College Tournament Championship, too.

    Now, after the summer break, new students have appeared on the field. They met the seniors and went together to the medical check-up. Freshmen saw the training base for the first time and they also had the opportunity to study their personalized strength program.
    The Golden Bears

    Players are back on the field after the holiday. They met with the freshmen and participated together to the first official gathering.

  3. Brigham Young University team
  4. Brigham Young University team

    This college team is the only one that managed to beat the Golden Bears in championships. So it's really good on the field. The students' impressive performance gave them the possibility of playing in the US Varsity Cup Championship. Before, the team also participated in the College Premier Division and won two tournaments. Recently, it has defeated California Bears three years in a row at the Varsity Cup. This year, too, high school students could enroll to the BYU Summer Camp and benefit from 10 days of professional training. This is the best way to get into the team as an aspiring rugby player.

    Another famous rugby summer camp has been organized this summer. High school students wanted badly to participate because this is the safe way into the official team.

  5. Team Rooster, University of Utah

  6. University of Utah
    This is the number one enemy of Brigham Young University team. The Utes play in Division 1 in the Pacific Atlantic Conference and they also participate in the Varsity Cup Championship.

    During the 2010 tournament of Collegiate Rugby Championship, the team managed to defeat Golden Bears. Recently, the Utes finished on second place in the Pacific Athletic Conference, beating Arizona State.

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