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You Have to Visit These 7 Travel Destinations While You Still Can

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The world around us is changing constantly, and sometimes not for the better. Climate change, although some public figures that we won't name here deny its existence, destroys more and more of our natural wonders. Pollution and other negative environmental factors don't help either. Socio-cultural and economic factors endanger urban tourist attractions, while natural dangers threaten travelers' most beloved places with extinction. If you have the following travel destinations on your bucket list, you might want to visit them now, before it's too late.

1. Venice, Italy

While it's been long known that Venice is slowly submerging, it seems that it may face ruin sooner than everybody thought. Scientists have discovered that the city of romance is sinking 5 times faster than initially thought. This is not just because of natural causes, such as the movement of plate tectonics, but also because climate change has determined a rise in overall sea levels.

2. Miami, Florida

Because of the rising sea levels and the flat surface of Miami, as well as its limestone foundation, scientists believe that this iconic destination may be submerged underwater by 2030. Switching to renewable energy and making extreme carbon cuts may be able to help this coastal area to some extent, but not save it completely, and thus building suitable defenses might be the only answer.

3. The Congo Basin

Covering more than 1.3 million square miles, the Congo Basin gives home to the second-largest rainforest on earth, that generates almost half of the planet's oxygen, along with food, minerals and medicine for the locals. It is also a splendid travel destination for safari enthusiasts, but, unfortunately, two thirds of the basin's forests might disappear as soon as 2040. Every year, 10 million acres are lost because of illegal logging, mining, irresponsible farming and guerilla warfare.

4. Little Italy, New York

Once a flourishing neighborhood and a top tourist attraction, Little Italy is quickly losing space because of the expansion ofneighboring Chinatown, the decrease in ethnic Italians, and the ever-rising rent rates in the area. The place has already started to lose its authenticity and it's been reduced to just a few eateries and restaurants, facing ruin if merchants and businesses continue to leave.

5. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A huge attraction for tourists and divers all over the globe, the largest coral reef in the world is estimated to be completely ruined in just two decades. Pollution, industrialization, coral bleaching and rising water temperatures have already destroyed a large part of the reef and threaten with extinction thousands of organisms that call this place home.

6. Naples, Italy

Here's one of the few travel destinations threatened not by humanity's irresponsible actions, but by the force of nature itself. If you know the story of the buried city of Pompeii, you understand how powerful and dangerous Mount Vesuvius can be. And it is predicted that the volcano will erupt again someday, wiping out Naples and endangering 3 million people.

7. The Alps

A beloved tourist destination for winter sports fans all over the world, the Alps don't boast as high an altitude as the Rocky Mountains, which makes them considerably more susceptible to the effects of climate change. Approximately 3% of the glacial ice in the Alps melts every year, and scientists estimate that the glaciers in the area can vanish completely as soon as 2050. The Pitzal ski resort has taken measures against this threat, spreading large white blankets over 15 acres of land to slow the melting. While the solution did show improvements, the promising effect is only temporary.

Time to make plans to visit these endangered destinations before it's too late.

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