News Nov 4th 2016

What are the Presidential Candidates' Approaches to Education in the US?

Clinton vs. Trump

As the election comes closer in the United States, voters are preparing to go to the polls and cast their vote. That means they are making last minute decisions on who they want to run the country. Of course, that involves learning more about the stance each candidate has on the important issues. Because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the main names in the race, understanding how they feel is vital.


Both candidates have a lot to say about education in the United States. If you have children or work in the education system, understanding what changes each wants to make can help you choose your candidate. Clinton feels that a teacher's pay and evaluation should not be connected to the test scores. She also wants a universal preschool program and feels that teachers should make more money. Clinton also wants to change the way that student loans work.

Trump has very different views on education. He wants to get rid of the Common Core policy and let the states each run their own school system without a lot of input from the government. He feels that each state should make the policies that work for their system, which may differ from another state's system.

Social Issues

There are several social issues that the United States is facing as the election gets closer. As with many other areas, Trump and Clinton have different views on how these issues should be handled and feel strongly about different social issues. Trump is very vocal about the benefits of war and is leaning toward the pro side when it comes to making a nuclear arms deal with Iran, while Clinton is very much against it. Clinton is passionate about instituting more and stricter gun control laws, while Trumps says that the country doesn't need more gun control laws. When it comes to healthcare, Clinton feels that Obamacare is working, while Trump says it's not. Clinton is pro-choice and feels that Roe vs. Wade should be upheld, while Trump is against abortion.

Economic Beliefs

The economy is a hot button issue in the United States and the candidates have their own views and sets of promises regarding how they are going to handle them. Understanding how each feels about economic issues can help you decide who you think would be the right person for the job. Trump is passionate about lowering taxes for the middle class, while Clinton is against placing a flat tax on income. Trump feels that lowering corporate income taxes can help create jobs and wants religious organizations, such as churches, mosques, etc., to remain tax-exempt. Overall, Trump wants to lower federal income taxes and Clinton doesn't agree. Trump wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall, while Clinton does not want to. Both candidates agree that the federal government should not be subsidizing oil companies, so if that's something you agree with, both parties feel the same way.

The person who gets elected will influence the way of life for many people, but college students are some who are at the greatest risk for changes that could affect their education and personal income. For example, if Common Core is eliminated, students would not all be on the same page when they leave the public school system, which could change the way that colleges instruct. If Clinton changes the way student loans are taken care of, it could influence whether an Ivy League student could continue with his or her education. These issues will affect all students, both current college students and future ones, though the changes may not be in place for a year or more.

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