News Aug 19th 2016

Things You Shouldn't Forget While Leaving For A Semester Abroad

Things to take abroad

When you make the big decision to broaden your horizons and go to study abroad, one of the key things you want to make absolutely sure of is that you pack everything you are going to need to take with you to make your semester studying abroad the best, easiest and most stress-free experience that it can be. Of course, if you forget something, it isn't the end of the world as you can always venture to the local stores and replace your forgotten items. To avoid having to spend this extra cash and to avoid any unnecessary anxiety surrounding your trip and travel experience, here is a quick list of all of the absolute essentials that you should not forget to pack when you are leaving to study abroad.

1. Portable Phone Charger

When you are doing a lot of travelling in a short space of time, especially to places and buildings that you have never been to before, you are going to want your mobile phone working at it's highest capacity. To ensure you always have enough battery to phone home or make contact with people that you need to meet up with, always carry a portable phone charger in your hand luggage. There will be plenty of outlets at places like airports and bus stations where you can get a much-needed charge.

2. Vacuum Bags

These amazing things can be the difference between having one expertly packed suitcase or two messed up ones. Being able to fold and neatly vacuum seal all of your clothes saves so much room you won't believe it, and it has the double advantage of making your precious clothes waterproof if anything should happen to your suitcase during the travel period. They are cheap to buy and will become one of your go-to possessions every time you have to travel.

3. Refillable Water Bottle

If you are travelling to or across Europe, you will find that bottled water is much more expensive and that a lot of the tap water in public places is not recommended for drinking. To save yourself some much needed money as you travel, carry a sturdy refillable water bottle that you can full up every time you see a drinking fountain or something similar. This way you will always stay hydrated but not at a super expensive cost.

4. Sturdy Backpack

Not only does a backpack make for the perfect hand luggage bag, but it is also a great accessory for when you have arrived in your new study location. A backpack can be used for carrying your books to classes, it can be used for gym trips and shopping trips, and it can also be used to pack a few things when you and your newly made friends want to go on short trips. Whether it's a day trip or a weekend trip, a good sturdy backpack will never let you down and it will allow you to get on with your student life with ease.

5. Student ID

You will most likely be presented with a student ID when you arrive for your first day of studying at your new institution, but something you should do is always carry it with you because you would be amazed at just how many great discounts and offers you can receive for having it on hand when shopping or doing some sightseeing. It's also handy to carry your own home country student ID too should you ever need it (it saves carrying around your passport).

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