News Jan 6th 2017

Shortlist For London College Lecturer In Line For $1m Prize


A business and enterprise tutor named Adnan Mahmood from Barking and Dagenham College in Essex, England, has made headlines by being included in a prestigious shortlist for the top 50 of the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2017. Hosted by globaltracherprize. org, the prize is now in its third year and carries a stunning $1m US dollar reward, the largest prize of its kind in teaching shortlists.

The Global Teacher Prize was originally founded in order to recognize and reward standards of exceptional teaching around the world, celebrating individuals who have made important and outstanding contributions to their profession, as well as shining a spotlight on the everyday heroes of a role that is vital to the future of society. The foundation aims to unearth thousands of different stories of heroes across the world who have helped to change and shape the lives of young people.

Mr Mahmood began his journey to the shortlist when he volunteered to teach school students taking vocational subjects at an early age when he was still in college. His teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of developing life skills alongside academic experience, integrating life with business in a way that makes for much more well rounded careers after graduation. Mahmood's positive impact can be evidenced by the fact that many of the students he has helped have competed in national competitions like the Edge Challenge, where they create and pitch business ideas. Also, another team that he coached took part in a skills show in which they were awarded £5,000 to develop their winning idea.

Adnan has been in his current role since 2012, and since starting he has seen his student's results improve at a fast and significant rate. His other awards have included the Pearson Silver award VQ Teacher of the Year. Another feather in his cap is a fantastic money-raising venture with Pants to Poverty in which he and his students raised over £4,000 by selling fair trade underwear, resulting in winning a national competition and getting the opportunity to travel to India as winners. Adnan believes in always incorporating multicultural factors and global awareness in his teaching.

Out of over 20,000 nominations, the top 50 were whittled down to create the final shortlist, a combination of applications from 179 countries all over the world. The top 50 itself contains representatives from a total of 37 countries, and the aim of the Varkey Foundation, through highlighting these excellent individual stories, is to stress to the public just how integral good teaching is in young people's development. The winner will be picked from the shortlist at a glamorous event at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai on Sunday the 19th of March 2017. Before that point, the top 50 shortlist will be judged by an experienced Prize Committee and whittled down to what they believe are the ten strongest candidate cases of the group. This final shortlist of 10 will be announced to the public in February 2017, after which the finalists will be invited to attend the ceremony in Dubai. The winner will then be chosen and announced live, where their lives will no doubt be changed forever by the $1m US dollar prize. We wish the best of luck to Adnan Mahmood in being awarded a place in the final 10 strong shortlist, and thank him for his wonderful work in the teaching sector, helping to improve young lives on a daily basis.

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