News Apr 7th 2015

Rising Number of International Students in UK Undergraduate Programs

The international appeal of postgraduate programs in UK universities is not something we are unfamiliar with. However, the current statistics showcase improved success of UK undergraduate programs – a fact that strengthened the position of this educational system as one of the best in the world.

The results from the research conducted by UCAS (the world’s leading shared admissions service for higher education) reveal the increased popularity of UK undergraduate studies among international students. In January 2015, it was measured that the total number of applicants to higher education courses was increased by 2% in comparison to the number of the previous year.

Undergraduate Program

This is the highest number of full-time undergraduate applications ever recorded at this stage of the application process. UCAS present another interesting fact: the number of women applicants exceeds the number of men for over 90,000.

In terms of international success, the number of applicants from the EU is increased by 7%, and the figure for applicants from countries outside the EU is +3%.

The Statistics Are Encouraging: UK Undergraduate Programs Are Some of the Best in the World!

Callie Hawkins, the International Relationship Manager of UCAS gave the following statement: “Applicant numbers from EU and non-EU international students are at record levels this year, proving that UK universities and colleges offer quality through a single, fair course application system.”

Another report provided by UCAS informs that the shift in the tuition fees in England in 2012 was one of the greatest changes to higher education in the past 10 years. Although the tuition fees were increased, young people weren’t less motivated to apply to follow their goals for higher education in the UK. The proportion of students entering higher education increased steadily regardless of the higher fees.

International students still find the UK educational system to be the best investment in their future career. According to the research and analysis report of a study of international graduate outcomes, the international graduates from UK programs get higher average salaries when compared to the graduates who have been educated in their native countries.

What Makes UK Undergraduate Programs So Attractive?

Jo Beall, British Council Director of Education & Society emphasized the importance of accepting international students in the UK as part of the globalization process. “International student engagement breaks down barriers and helps us to understand and work across different cultures. With all the tensions in the world right now, the study abroad movement is vital for international relations, and it’s excellent that the UK is at the heart of it.”

One of the greatest reasons behind the appeal of UK undergraduate programs is the record levels of student satisfaction they achieve. The traditional values of this system are strong, but the learning resources, academic support and teaching approach are constantly being improved to meet the needs of today’s students.

According to the 2014 report of Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the students’ satisfaction achieved the highest response rate of 71% since it was first measured 10 years ago. Only 5% of the surveyed students were dissatisfied with the education they got; and only 2% responded with “strongly dissatisfied”.

The satisfaction was measured in terms of the teaching on the course, organisation and management, assessment and feedback, academic support, personal development, learning resources, and overall satisfaction. The overall satisfaction percentage in 2014 was 86%.

This data enables us to understand that the UK educational system is going in the right direction. The students are being motivated to work harder and be more productive. The universities in this country are magnets for ambitious researchers and international students who want to make careers in politics.

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