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Picking the right Essay subjects

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Pick a good topic and a good essay subject, and it will dramatically lower the amount of effort you need to put into your essay. This article will help you get a passing grade easily and quickly, or a top grade slowly.

Do You Want Top Marks? - Risk Being Boring

The fact is that you cannot get top marks and write a very exciting paper too. You can get all the ingredients right and ensure you get a good mark, but most top-scoring essays are about incredibly boring topics. The fact is that boring topics are the ones we need papers on. They are the subjects that we need to advance. Papers on how to fly a carrot over a house may be interesting, but there are few scientists that genuinely need that information right now. Consider picking a boring topic that is admittedly difficult because it is not exciting, and you may stand a better chance of scoring highly.


The migration of slugs and snails across a relatively small area of 40 radial miles may seem boring, but a good paper may help farmers pick the best times to spray their crops, it may help explain bird migration, and it may indicate problems with local plants, pollution, water contamination and soil quality. Ergo, it is more likely to score highly than a paper about carrot flying.

Do You Want A Passable Grade? - Risk Being Unoriginal

Getting a passable grade is easy if you are willing to be unoriginal with your choice of essay subject and/or topic. There are plenty of topics that have been done and done and done to the point where your professor's eyes may bleed if he/she reads another one. Yet, if a topic has been covered over and over again, it means there are plenty of online papers to rewrite, or to write notes from, or to take sources from, or to help you complete your own essay. Getting a passable grade can be easy if you pick an unoriginal topic that has been well covered online.


The debate about abortion has been covered more times than most people can handle, the same is true for the death penalty, gun control and so forth. Your subject will have its own share of over-covered topics, such as the wives of King Henry the 8th in History, or the role of a cell membrane in Biology.

Can You Pick A Topic You Know Very Well?

If you can write your essay off the top of your head, then why not make it easy on yourself. There are bound to be parts of your course that you have absorbed a little easier than others. Write what you know, and then spend your time doing a little extra research to firm up your essay. You can fact-check and reference your essay after you have written it. It's also valid if you check the assignment after receiving it from our writers.


If you happened to understand the makings of atoms a little more than you understood the math behind Newton's laws, then why pick Newton's laws and struggle when you could probably get a passing grade for an intimate essay on atoms without having to hit the books as hard?

Is There Plenty Of Research Material For Your Chosen Subject?

Many students make the mistake of thinking of the most exciting, thrilling and original subjects and topics for their essays--only to find out there is no research material for them to reference. They can fill their essays with ideas, but they do not have the evidence to back it up.


Many students have tried topics such as "Sex in space" and yet all the research material they can find is a few theoretical papers on how sex would have to be machine aided, and how the sperm would have a difficult time finding an egg. There is so little research on the topic that it is almost impossible to write a "well researched" essay on the subject.

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