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National Learn to Play Day - Your Ticket to Becoming a Musician

We are only few days away from the 2015 National Learn to Play Day, which will take place on 21st March on several locations across the UK. In 2014, 117 venues hosted various musical events, where people from different generations got to try instruments and enjoy the power of music. This year's event is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

The charity Music for All organizes this event on yearly basis, with the help of notable ambassadors and sponsors. At the organization's website, you can find an event at a participating venue near your location and join the national fun on 21st Match.

Learn to play day

The event is being supported by inspiring rock stars and celebrities, including Al murray, Johnny Marr, Gareth Malone, Jools Holland, Tom Odell and many more. The purpose is to inspire people to take part in an exceptional musical learning experience.

Jools Holland, the patron for the charity, welcomes everyone to join the fun. Whether you used to play or you've always wanted to play an instrument, this is the event for you!

The value of National Learn to Play Day for younger generations

Research has shown that playing a musical instrument improves people's awareness of their own behavior and prevents age-related cognitive decline. In addition, children who learn how to play an instrument improve their organizational and time management skills, as well as their team skills!

Children who play an instrument have better hand-eye coordination and better reading skills. Music teaches them how to listen and discipline themselves. When children approach the art of playing music with enthusiasm, they become happier as individuals.

The National Learn to Play Day promotes all these values and enables every child interested in music to get a free lesson in one of the many venues across the UK. The goal is to enable every participant of the event to play an instrument before they leave. They can make their choice from a great range of instruments, including keyboards, guitar, drums, bass, violin, oboe, trumpet, piano, and many others. Qualified music teachers will be present on each location, providing over 10,000 free lessons in total.

If you strike a pose in the “Rockstar Selfie Booth” in Park View Shopping Centre, you'll get a chance to win an electric guitar by the sponsor Yamaha Music School, Whitley Bay, Tyneside. Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus, with a regular price of Ј14.99, will be available for free on the day of the event. All these opportunities inspire children to explore music!

The essence of this event can be expressed through the words of choirmaster Gareth Malone: “... the work Music for All does is very important in helping the next generation of music realise their potential.”

Plan a day full of music!

Event holders from across the UK will welcome participants who are willing to give music a try. Numerous music venues, music shops, churches and music services have taken part in the event. Korg UK located in Milton Keynes, will offer free introductory lessons on different instruments for all visitors. The British Airways Brass Band will be present at the Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes, along with Pioneer, Noisy Toys and Pro Music International, who will provide one hundred

hours of music lessons free of charge.

Gerry Leonard said “learning to play the guitar changed everything for me… it has been a magical magnificent journey.” For guitarist Johnny Marr (Smiths), “playing guitar means everything because it means having fun… meeting new people… making new friends… being able to express yourself.”

You'll never know if you don't try! Take your chance and participate in the National Learn to Play Day. Check the music stores and venues in your proximity for details of free workshops and lessons, competitions, giveaways, and live performances scheduled on 21st March.

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