News Oct 17th 2017

Most Popular Halloween Costume Ideas Among Students


Who doesn't love to dress up? All Hallows Eve is almost here, and although every student's idea this year may be the wig and frown from the Whitehouse, a more suitable choice is going to be the best dressed Halloween 'Blast from the past.' This Halloween's theme includes the vampires, the ghouls, the giants and the imps. Even garden gnomes are being welcomed into the 2017 Halloween fashion trick or treat to hit our campuses and our streets.

It's promising to be the nightmare before Christmas with a touch of ice down your spine. The 2017 theme doesn't mean you have to be all bloody and grotesque. Even the prettiest vampires also happened to turn out to be the most feared. One of the most beloved sights to see on Halloween is, of course, the witch, but perhaps one of the most overdone. Orders for Halloween costumes have rushed in from across the country. Students are making an effort this year, and social media platforms cannot wait for the influx of genuinely horrifying pics.

We have decided to select the top promising, best Halloween costumes that you can find. The Samhain outfits with the least amount of accessories but the most exceptional amount of impact. We know that if you pick one of the bottom costumes for this Halloween that it will be a terrific winner at any of the hundreds of parties springing up as we speak. So, before we even think of telling you how fantastic these costumes ideas are for Halloween, let's get you dressed!

A little help from The Day of the Dead and Tim Burton


There is a fantastic three day festival in Mexico, celebrating the dead, Halloween but so much more severe. The dressing up found on these three days is Tim Burton's most favored influence seen in almost all of his works. It's simple enough to pull off too. With black and white makeup for your face only and white dress with a flowered arrangement for the girls and white pants and long sleeved top for the guys, you're sorted. Carrying a candle or a flower arrangement is not necessary but it's definitely a sealing part of the deal.

The corpse bride or groom, or both


This one can be done alone or in a pair. If you are going to wing it apart, then all you need is grandma's old white dress, some white face-paint on your face and body, sometimes a tint of blue too, a black bouquet of something that looks dead, and a black lace for a veil. If you're a couple, then this can be an epic undead combination that will turn heads right off. Of course, the gents will have to hire a costume for this, unless of course, they have some elaborate cape lying around.

The Vampire


Terrifyingly sexy, or disturbingly vile. Whichever road you want to take with this outfit, the basics should be red or black contact lenses and the teeth. Vampires work well for the guys as well as the girls. If you intend to successfully bite into the night of Halloween then make extra sure, you throw on something white and make it bloody. A little trickle of blood around the lips should be convincing enough and be a surefire way to make many people gasp in awe.

The Clown


There is a slightly severe phobia around clowns called coulrophobia. Dressing up as a clown is one of the choices that is bound to terrify someone. It promises a night of screams and laughter. The makeup is simple enough to apply, and the only necessary accessory that is required is the red round clip on nose. This is unless you don't want to spray your hair and would instead opt for a wig. The clothing is simple enough too; throw on some extra large shoes, dungarees, and bright, bright colors. The clown is probably the outfit with the least amount of rules tied to it. As long as the makeup is covered, you're really sorted for the evening!

The hippie - Thanks, John Lennon!


This outfit requires little to no effort and is really for those students who prefer not to overdo the whole thing. A pair of jeans, an out-there top and a pair of John Lennon look-alike sunglasses will do the trick. Hippies aren't scary, or are they?

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