News Jul 26th 2017

How to Write a Personal Statement for Your Course: Useful Tips


Are you trying to come up with a great personal statement, but are stuck? There are many different ways that you can improve your personal statement writing skills. Getting it right is a big deal because it can determine if the application to study the desired course will be a success or failure.

While the personal statement should be unique, after all the word “personal” is the name, there are a bunch of common things you can do to make it stand out.

Explain your enthusiasm for the course

You need to convey the reasons why you are enthusiastic about taking the course, and how the passion started in the first place. It can be done by telling a story, or perhaps it's because you have a target job that you want to get hired for.

A story that is full of emotion is the best way to convey why you care about the subject matter of the course and why it's going to motivate you to do your best. There is no right or wrong answer for this section – you just have to tell the truth and you'll get top marks in this section of the personal statement.

State relevant skills

Do your research about the skills that will be required to pass the course. Do you need prior science lab experience? Do you need to know basic HTML coding beforehand? Not doing the research will set you back when the course organizer finds out that you do not have the right skills to complete the course.

Perhaps if you do not have the specific skills required you can talk about your transferable skills. Any relevant experience that you have will shine a good light on your personal statement. You need to sell yourself on why you are a good candidate for the course. Anything that you have done outside of the classroom can help. Perhaps you have played for a sports team for a few years. This shows that you have good team working skills. Any asset that you can use must be on the personal statement.

Learn by example

To get an idea of what is expected from you take a look at a few examples of personal statements students before you have written. Furthermore, take a look at the examples that are related to your course, perhaps you can get your hands on a few that belong to students who took the course last year.

Pay attention to the little details but do not copy, because your personal statement needs to be unique, it should be a reflection of your life, not somebody else. Personal statement examples can also be found online where you can read several to get an accurate idea of what's required.

Get it proofread

Having a fresh pair of eyes take a look at your personal statement in order to proofread it is a good idea. It's wise to get a close friend or family member to proofread as they will be able to see not only grammatical mistakes, but also important info about yourself you didn't include or felt reluctant to include.


With the tips above your personal statement will look better and meet the demands that the course organizer has. By taking the time to improve your personal statement writing skills you'll have a much better chance of getting into the course you desire. It's certainly worth the time-investment to put the tips learnt above into practice.

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