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How to Meet All the Deadlines At University?

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A major part of the tension and the stress at university comes because of all the deadlines you have. Your professors keep giving you assignments and most of them require you to cope quickly with them. If you want to be able to meet all the deadlines at university, you have to learn how to organize your time.

Time Management Skills

You need to find your effective strategies for managing your time. Yes, it is hard to balance the conflicting demands of time for study, work, leisure and others but it is not impossible. Time management skills are quite precious for everyone, so this is the time to start acquiring them.

Everyone knows the feeling that there is not enough time for everything. And this is quite stressful. But there are ways to improvetime management and find more time for everything. Here are a few techniques which will help you do this:

Having a To-do List

Having a full list with the tasks which you need to do is an important part of the effective action planning. Always refer to it and update it when necessary. Prioritize the things on your list into important/not important and also urgent/non-urgent tasks.

Your to-dolist can have a variety of formats. Make it in a way which is the most convenient for you. Update your list any time you complete a task. Cross off the completed tasks and add new tasks which you need to do. You can highlight urgent or important tasks so that they attract your attention.

Advantages of Having a Detailed To-do List

These are the reasons why it is really convenient to have a to-do list and use it to help you organize your time:

  • Attracts your attention to important objectives
  • It becomes less likelyto forget to do something
  • It helps you to order your thoughts and to see the bigger picture of all that needs to be done
  • It eliminates the need tokeep everything in your head
  • It saves you lots of time
  • It helps you find out what priorities you have - what are the most important tasks for you and the most urgent, too
  • You feel that you are controlling your tasks. This reduces the stress levels.
  • You have a detailed record of what you have done.

Setting Your Goals

You need to learn how to set some specific, realistic and clearly defined goals. Examine carefully your present situation and then decide what goals arereally important to you. Find out what actions you need to take to achieve each of them. You should have a "plan B" or an alternative strategy how to achieve your goal in casechanges need to be done.

Task Prioritising

If you want to achieve all of your goals - prepare for your exams, have some spare time, earn enough money for a fine living, etc., you need to decide whichof yourtasks are really urgent and important and then focus on them. This prioritising will help you not to lose precious time on unimportant things to do.

List all the tasks you have and then sort them in order of priority. Pay specific attention to the most important tasks. This is the way to avoid wasting time on just doing simple but not that importantthings. You need to make the difference between urgent and important tasks because it is not always the same thing.

There is a way to meet all the deadlines at university but first you need to know how to organize your time. Prioritize your tasks and make sure that you first complete the ones which are really important.

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