News Jul 17th 2017

How to improve your presentation skills so that you impress the audience


As a student having strong presentation skill is important. Regardless of what course you're taking there will most likely be a module where you are required to give a presentation on a particular title. Have your presentation skills been questionable in the past, and you need help improving them? Here are some of the top ways that you can turn the odds of sources in your favour during the next presentation you have to give.

Preparation is key

To improve performance on the big day you must prepare yourself. Presentation skills training can even be done from the comfort of your own bedroom. Simply stand in front of a mirror or a member of the household and go through the entire speech as practice.

The more times you go through the speech the better your ability will be to deliver it fluently when it comes to doing the actual presentation. Furthermore, when you are prepared it will be obvious to the audience as you'll have more confidence in the delivery.

Understand the technology involved

Is your presentation on a USB stick, or will you be accessing it online? If so, then is there internet in the presentation room? All of these questions need to be answered beforehand because on the big day it might be too late.

For example, it would like not look professional if you were fiddling around with the projector for over ten minutes as the audience is waiting patiently for the presentation to get started. Make sure there are backup options just in case the technology lets you down. Ideally you'll get to do a test run of the presentation in the room that will be used on the big day.

Slides must complement what you're saying

Sometimes slides tend to be distracting or simply repeat what the presenter is saying. Avoid this, and instead create slides that compliment the information you are saying verbally. Your presentation skills will be significantly improved if you can coherently deliver a presentation where the slides and what you are saying match throughout.

For example, if you are making a point that the air pollution is getting worse in a particular city, then you can show a graph to illustrate that. More graphs and pictures is better than having a lot of text on your slides. It allows the audience to remain engaged and not get bored by having to read a lot.

Pace yourself

One common mistake is to go too fast during a presentation because you are nervous. You need to go at a pace that allows the audience to understand the material you're delivering, especially if it's of a technical nature.

Dramatic pauses allow points to be emphasized, and it lets you catch your breath and take a look at the audience to see if they are engaged. Also take the time to make a joke or tell a story. It adds to the overall engagement factor you're going to get and it adds a sense of context to what you are saying.


These are just some of the ideas that can be used to improve your presentation skills. As you begin the process of getting ready you might develop your own personal style that contributes to a high quality presentation.

Keep in mind that the better you understand the subject area that surrounds your presentation the better off you'll be. It means when you get caught off hand by a slide that might not be working or a difficult question an audience member has you'll be able to recover easier.

Take as many of the suggestions here into consideration as possible and your presentation skills will improve allowing you get the top grade possible.

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