News Aug 26th 2017

Credible Ways on How to Stop Procrastination


Putting off “until later” phrase off your vocabulary is undeniably the most challenging task one can deal with as it is a fight against one's character. When it comes to work, procrastination can cost you your career, as it is quite addictive. One gets the feeling they have enough time to carry out essential tasks at some other time. Such behavior is irritating to your senior officers at home and affects your social life as people get used to your obvious song. Understanding the causes and triggers of procrastination is usually the first step of dealing with the vice. Here are some of the insights of dealing with the vice suggested by psychologists.

Create Precise and Achievable Goals

When you have a time frame that is far off in the future, deadlines become generalities. For instance, when you plan to write four chapters of your book in a month's time it becomes a general statement. However, when you plan to write a chapter each day, you can track the progress of your plan every week. Besides, you can plan on making smaller increments to your schedule to stretch your limits.

Map all Your Deadlines on a Calendar

When you mark all your deadlines on your calendar either on your Smartphone, laptop, or wall calendar, you can see the urgency of the tasks ahead. Besides, you can monitor your daily input towards your goals. When you know that your duties today will affect your tasks tomorrow, you experience a sense of urgency to act now and not later.

Change Your Working Environment

Many people will choose to do something later owing to some level of comfort or discomfort. Some people find it tasking to operate under a given environment and will opt to act later. On the other side, some people will fail to take action now due to an uncomfortable environment. Hence, it is important for you to change your working environment to a more conducive working environment.

Adopt a Buddy system

Having a friend who forces you to walk an extra mile could be the answer to getting off the deadly vice. In choosing your buddy who will walk with you on this journey, ensure they have a stronger character and are not struggling with the same problem. Besides, it is not necessary for you to share the same goals with your character, but you can assist each other in completing the task. Finally, change friends who influence you into procrastination as friends will often influence you into making certain decisions.

Eliminate Your Distractions

It is important you do some soul searching to know what easily distracts you from you from achieving your primary goals. Besides, make a list of all your distractions and have a strategy of eliminating each distraction at a time. Do not eliminate your distractions generally; make a recommendation of each distraction to ensure you the problem does not reoccur.

It is important for you to remember the process of eliminating procrastination from your life is personal, and you cannot make general decisions. You require taking each advice personally and creatively apply it to your life. Besides, remember to creatively make your work enjoyable to further motivate you into carrying out your tasks on time without fail.

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