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Britain Reacts As Donald Trump Becomes US President

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With the outcome of the vote not just affecting citizens of the United States but citizens in all countries across the world, many Britons, both in a personal and professional capacity, stayed up through the night to watch the results come in as polls began to shut across the pond. Though practically all outlets had predicted a comfortable victory for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, as early red started to dominate the map, it became clear that one of the biggest shocks in American election history was taking place before our very eyes. When important swing states like Florida and Ohio were called in favour of Mr Trump, Clinton's path back to the White House became thinner and thinner, and by 6am British time, the majority of news stations and organisations felt comfortable enough to call the 2016 presidential election in favour of Republican nominee and outsider Donald Trump. Trump managed to triumph over the adversity and potential danger of several scandals and accusations in the lead up to Election Day, which makes his victory an even more surprising one.

Internet community exploded with hilarious memes and jokes:

Trump pokemon master

Trump crashes into Hillary Black Mirror tweet

Major newspapers also didn't remain silent. Here are few of the key reactions that Britain has had to this historic news.

Political Leaders React

According to The Telegraph, Prime Minister Theresa May was one of the first international leaders to contact Trump expressing her congratulations to the President elect. She states that she hopes to build an even stronger partnership between the UK and the USA, although there have already been rumours of an MI5 agent entering the backdoor of 10 Downing Street. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, has stated that Trump's victory signal a total rejection of establishment on the part of the American people, and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has expressed his delight at the outcome, claiming the result to be even bigger than the shock Brexit vote months ago.

The British Public React

The majority of the British public, however, seem to have had a much less diplomatic reaction to the waking news of Trumps incoming Presidency. Simple searches on Twitter and Facebook paint a picture of a population of Brits who are very concerned with the fact that Trump has never held any position in political office or in the military, an unprecedented fact for a US president. They express doubts and worries over his volatile temperament in the face of international tensions, and the meanness with which he conducted himself during the campaign process appears to be too much for some to forget. Though Trump preached togetherness and unity in his acceptance speech, the fact remains that he has offended most minorities in the past 18 months, and Mike Pence, his vice president, is famous for his ultra conservative views including a belief in gay conversion therapy and extreme anti abortion and LGBTQ+ stances.

The Anniversary Of The Berlin Wall

One interesting thread that has been picked up on by many Brits on social media is the fact that Trump's victory coincides with the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and with one of his main campaign promises to build a wall between the US and Mexico, many people can't help but feel a certain sense of irony as well as the fact that the world seems to be taking a huge step backwards in terms of international relations between neighbouring countries.

Whether positive or negative, the election of Donald Trump has evoked some of the most passionate political responses from Brits since the Brexit decision.

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