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Beating the Crowds on Black Friday

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No matter where you shop on Black Friday, chances are there will be a lot of other people crossing things off their holiday list as well. It can be a bit overwhelming, but using these survival tips can get you in and out of the stores with the best bargains you can find.

Get in Line Early

The sooner you get to the store of your choice, the closer to the front of the line you can be. That means you can get in first and have the best chances of nabbing the deals you're after. Plan to get up early, dress warmly and show up early with a coffee in hand. Standing there won't be so bad if you're warm and have something good to drink.

Bring Some Friends or Family

There's safety in numbers so see if you can get some friends or family members to hit the stores with you. You can divide and conquer that way so no one misses out on a bargain and you'll have someone to talk to while you stand in line.

Make a List

Spend a few days leading up to Black Friday perusing the advertisements and figuring out which deals you want to take advantage of. Make a list of the items you want to purchase, then map them out based on the stores you plan to shop at. That way you'll know exactly where you're going and what you'll buy at each store.

Shop Online

Many retailers offer their Black Friday deals online as well as in the stores. So skip the crowds and make your purchases online instead of battling the surge of people at the stores. Some stores even offer special deals and shipping prices when you shop online. You can always wait around for Cyber Monday to score some bargains too.

Watch the Crowds

Unfortunately, people have been injured on Black Friday. Some were trampled due to large crowds and there have been reports of gunfights over parking spots. Be sure you are courteous and kind to the others around you and if you notice anyone acting strangely or unnecessarily angry, move away for your own safety. No deal is worth being hurt or worse.

Get Comfortable

If you plan to stand in line, sit in the car driving to multiple stores, and walking a lot, it makes sense to wear your comfortable clothes. Make sure you have shoes that won't hurt your feet and give you blisters and wear clothing that is breathable and flexible so that you can move around with ease.

Go to Be Early

If you plan to be up early and standing in line on Black Friday, getting some extra sleep the night before only makes sense. Even if you are going to get started a bit later, make sure you are well rested so that you have the energy and focus to get through your list without dropping before you make it back to the safety of your home.

Take Snacks

Chances are you're going to be standing in line for quite some time, both before the stores open and once you are ready to pay for your items. Bring some snacks that keep you from getting really hungry and that will give you energy to keep going. Nuts, trail mix, string cheese or fruit are all great choices.

Black Friday is a great way to save big money on gift items for the holidays and being prepared is your sure fire way to score big.

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