News Jul 14th 2015

Young persons with disabilities protest against system

Education rights protest

London protests over education rights

A right, not a fight this is the protesters' requirement from London, in front of The House of Parliament. What did they mean by that? And most importantly, who took part to the protest? You will find out below, in the next lines.

The protest's reasons

Everybody knows that persons with disabilities of any kind have a difficult life. For them, ordinary things like walking, talking, interacting with people and so on, are something out-of-the-way. Now, the society's and the rulers' role would be to make these people's lives as easy as possible. But what happens when administrations have exact opposite attitude?

If you didn't know by now, a person with disabilities cannot to the college of his/her choice. They must first complete some paper work and then rely on the local administration's good will. Most of times, these ones just reject the proposals without a good reason. Nobody knows the criteria used in taking this kind of decisions that are more than obsolete. It's not like a person with disabilities can attend any college. But when he/she finds a suitable one, there's no valid explanation for turning down the case.

And still, this is what happens in UK. And this was the reason for the protest. Persons with disabilities and their families are tired of fighting for what was supposed to be a right the right to education for every young individual.

Parents state that college is the only solution for people like their children to have a chance at becoming independent. Disabled persons are not able to work physically. As a consequence, they need a superior degree in order to find a suitable job. But if the state denies them this right too, they will be left without a future.

Several parents went through hell in order to obtain the approval for the necessary funding. They have spent hundreds of hours in hearings and appeals. They have hired solicitors and lawyers. Shouldn't the authorities be ashamed that these families have spent important amounts of money for getting what it should have been theirs from the beginning? Their children could have used these sums on something way more useful like medication, textbooks, and finally, tuition.

The protesters' demands

The protesters didn't ask anything out of the ordinary. On the contrary, their demands were well funded and argued.

First of all, parents asked for a clear legislation regarding the rights to education of disabled persons. These must include the colleges they are entitled to apply for receiving the necessary funding; all the paper work that should be completed for the application; the criteria on which a request will be approved or rejected; other possible options in case of denial; and last, but not the least, fast processing and the possibility of getting into college without having to fight for months or even years.

In the end, parents were just wondering why all young persons don't have the same rights when it comes to education. So what if one cannot walk, for instance? He is capable of reaching academic performances like any other “perfect” person. What's the problem if one has learning disabilities and he/she is brilliant at only one thing? That person must have the right to pursue a college with educational programs in that particular field. And so on.

The conclusion is that persons with disabilities already have a constant fight with life, every single day. They mustn't be bound to fight with legislation too. On the contrary, local administrations must do everything in their power to help them succeed by creating clearer laws and by allowing them to go to the college of their dreams.

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