News Jun 17th 2016

You Should Seriously Consider These Health Trends

Oatmeal with fruits

With summer in full flow, have you left it too late to get yourself in shape for the beaches and waterparks that fill the hotter months with fun and frolic? Absolutely not! The truth is, it's never too late to make the decision to change your life for the better. The more you protect and cherish your body in the present, the longer you are going to have to enjoy our life in the long term. If you are somebody who is planning on changing their lifestyle in a positive way, then abide by these seven essential health trends and you will be on the road to unbeatable fitness in no time.

1. Exercise

It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by the amount of people that start a fitness journey with no intention to exercise. Working out is an essential component of reaching a fitness goal, so whether it's yoga, running, weights, swimming or even just walking to start with, being more and more active as the weeks go by is the only way to reach better fitness.

2. Nutrition

Dieting isn't just about eating less of what you already have; it's about making smart choices and altering your food intake to give you the best nutritional value possible. It is really worth buying a nutrition guidebook so that you can become aware of what you are putting in to your body. The smarter choices you make, the better your body is going to feel when healthy eating is combined with positive exercise.

3. Technology

Make your fitness journey a whole lot more fun by incorporating technology and gadgets in to the mix. There is a plethora of apps for your smartphone that turn boring running in to a fun competition - there is even one that provides an immersive zombie escape experience to get you on your toes! The latest trend is to buy a Fitbit bracelet so that you and your friends are in a daily competition for who can take the most steps.

4. Consider Cutting Out Meat

The truth is that most of us eat more red meat than we are supposed to, and there has recently been a big trend for people to cut out meat for one or two days per week to see if their health can improve. If you find that your health does improve and you do not miss meat much, then take it a step further and become vegetarian, even vegan!

5. Stool Banking

This is a new trend that involves extracting faecal bacteria from a healthy person and inserting it in to the body of a person whose intestinal and digestive health is very poor, with the hope that these healthy bacteria will bed down and cause a positive change within the body. It can also help to treat gastrointestinal illnesses like Crohn's disease.

6. Souping

Haven't you heard? Souping is officially the new juicing! This year and beyond, detoxing green smoothies are set to be overtaken in popularity by diets that involving cleansing through the consumption of super healthy soups and broths. Experts argue that a five day soup cleanse rather than a cold juice cleanse can help you to lose weight while still keeping you nutritionally satisfied and happy with regards to taste.

7. Kombucha

Kombucha is essentially the new coconut water when it comes to health trends in 2016. It is a sparkling drink made from fermented green or black tea, and while it is certainly an acquired taste, it possesses plenty of probiotic qualities that are perfect for aiding you in your journey for increased fitness and well being.

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