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Work and Study: How to Combine and Live a Happy Life


Nowadays, having a part time work as a student is pretty common. Scholarships are not accessible to everybody and not all parents can afford to fully support their children's studies. For this reason, many students must find ways to support themselves.

Going to every class, studying for all your exams to keep your grades high, working to support your studies, and having a social life in the meanwhile is not the perfect description of an easy life. So, if you truly wish to make your student life better, you need to spend time working to step up your game and organizing your life properly.

As we know that being a student is no easy task, especially when you are also working a paid job, our online assignment help service is here to encourage you.A balanced, healthy, and happy student lifestyle is indeed attainable if you want it. In today's post, we're presenting a few powerful insights and tips that should allow you to carefully balance your work and study efforts.

  • You Have No Time to Waste

You don't afford to waste your time as you have so many things to do. You must cut off the time wasters such as social media, video games, and even transportation time. For example, you can work on campus whenever you can't find enough time to move back to your place or to the library.

Most UK universities are offering their students opportunities to work with the purpose of helping them earn enough money to cover their university expenses. If you manage to find a campus job, this would be a really smart move. Think about all the time could win!

  • Organize Your Time Wisely

Plan the week ahead. Make a habit of always starting the week prepared. Considering that you are a full time student and you also need to work on your job, your time will be very limited. If you have poor time management skills, you'll hardly be able to breathe and relax. That's exactly why you should organize your days and weeks with caution.

First off, you should establish your priorities. Organize your work and study time according to them. Moreover, don't forget about your free time and your relaxing activities.

Write a list of habits and results that you'll commit to adopt and achieve and start sticking to them. To keep your plan going, let your friends and family know about your personal commitments and ask them to offer you fewer distractions that'll stop you from achieving what you want.

  • Don't Neglect Your Health

Keeping yourself in a good shape, both physically and mentally, will allow you to keep on with your work and studies. Even though time is always a critical resource, you need to ensure that you pay enough attention to your health condition. Exercising should be a part of your daily routine, even if it's for just half an hour. If you can't lift, jog. If you can't jog, walk.

A lot of students are used to stay up very late in order to study. This is a common habit that will almost always sacrifice the average night sleep time of the student. Nevertheless, not all habits are good, right?

Studies suggest that you should sleep at least 7 hours per night, yet all of us have a different sleep cycle and rhythm. If you really want to study more, waking up at 5 am and studying with a fresh mind is way more productive!

Furthermore, as a busy student, you tend to neglect your nutrition. Your grab-and-go eating habits, along with an unhealthy food choice is often going to sabotage your mental and physical health. In order to at least minimize the damages to your body, you can choose pre-made salads or other foods that don't contain sugar and GMOs.

Even part time jobs can be exhausting when your health condition is poor and your body does not possess the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Start pursuing a better nutrition and witness how your work-study balance improves.

  • Keep Everybody Informed

Besides keeping your friends and family informed about your schedule, you should also let your employer know that you're a dedicated student. Let him know that you expect him to understand your unpredictable availability. Make sure that you can attend all your classes and exams without allowing your job to negatively interfere.

Do the same with your teachers. If you have to miss a class, make sure that your professors are well aware of your absence and the reason behind it.


Balancing work and studies can be tricky, especially when you crave for a normal social life. No worries. With a well-organized routine and a strong will to stick with it, you can manage to keep your goals straight. Student life is beautiful, so why not enjoy it to its fullest?

All you have to do is to keep in mind these few pointers, and, of course, adopt a routine that is based on consistent action. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the situation, remind yourself why you're doing it!

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