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Why You Will Love Studying in London


London is a tremendous cultural and educational world center. It comprises top elite universities, along with amazing sight-seeing opportunities. The college atmosphere is distinct – students know how to keep a smart balance between hard-working and having fun. The city is never quiet, there's always something interesting to explore in London!

If you plan on studying here, you must keep an open mind, and be prejudice-free. According to World Population Review, London's metropolitan area is home to 10-18 million residents. With so many people living in the city, London expands quickly in many fields and domains. Thus, interaction is necessary, and open-mindedness is a must. Here are some reasons why studying in London will be beneficial for you.

  1. There's Always Something to Do

London's active and animated city life attracts students from all over the world. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you will always find something to do. Here are just few of the examples:

  • Visiting “Theatreland” is a must if you are studying in London. You can find over 40 theatres in the city's west end; exploring the National Theatre is another amazing opportunity to learn about English history and culture.
  • Getting a tour of the Warner Bros. Studios – yes, where Harry Potter was filmed!
  • Visiting the Buckingham Palace, or the Natural History Museum (where you'll find dinosaurs!)
  • Going to a concert! London has a wide live music scene, so you'll never get bored.

These are just some examples of what London has to offer. There is so much more to it, so research it well!

  1. Many Work Opportunities

According to Study London Official University Guide, London is the number one city in the world for foreign companies expanding their businesses. Thus, there are multiple work opportunities for students. Life in the city is expensive, so you'll definitely need a well-paid job in order to survive the costs. With a strong academic background and a well-designed resume, you can thrive financially soon after graduation.

  1. Getting Around is Easy

London is not a small city, so biking everywhere sounds tiring, doesn't it? However, it's safe, enjoyable, and good for the environment. More than that, everyone does it! There are many London bike hires available in the city. One of the most popular is Boris Bikes, named after the famous mayor Boris Johnson. Their rental services are not expensive, and easy to access.

If you prefer taking public transportation, all you have to do is purchase an Oyster card (students will get discounts).

  1. Students Are Valued and Cared For

Since London is the center of world-class education, students are an important part of the city's financial development. Thus, in order to keep them coming, businesses will offer numerous discounts. More than that, there are multiple internship positions available. Getting hands-on experience while studying is a smart method of increasing your professional skills and developing even stronger work ethics.

On top of that, London universities offer well-equipped utilities to meet students' academic goals. For instance, working in a research laboratory in a British university is an amazing chance to get pre-accustomed with the hard-work and efforts of a scientist. That gives you the chance to discover whether this career is suitable for you, which is a crucial step towards success. Pursuing the wrong profession is neither smart, nor beneficial in the long run.

  1. Networking

Last but not least, networking! Meeting successful people in the city is a piece of cake! They're literally everywhere. You never know whom you'll meet, and what impact they'll have on your career. Going out and meeting people, expanding perspectives, and getting new insights is exciting!

How to:

  • Get involved on campus (business associations for students)
  • Reach out to people on LinkedIn
  • Use Shapr to meet professionals; set up meetings with them
  • E-mail everyone you know, and ask for recommendations – word travels fast!

On top of the above ideas, socializing can always have a positive impact in our lives. Go out for a drink, and start chatting with people. Get to know them. Get out of your comfort zone. Once you do that, the opportunities are endless.

Wrapping Up

Studying in London is an amazing chance for you to meet new people, immerse in a new culture, visit breathtaking attractions, and get work experience. Besides, travelling throughout the city is easy and not expensive, while networking is another perk of living in this city.

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