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What's your career personality?

Does your career fit your personality? The very idea is supposed to be simple and the answer is supposed to be obvious, but if you think about it, how can you be sure? Does your job sculpt your personality? Yes, of course it does, but does your personality make you better or worse at a job? The answer is another obvious yes. Maybe personality has more to do with your job than you first thought.

1. Artistic

You may earn $40,000-$80,000, CNN reported.

Most artistic people spend their lives in poverty or on benefits, but if you are able to leverage your artistic side into something more conventional, then you may enjoy a good wage. This is especially true if you allow your artistic side to grow so that your output is different from that of your peers whilst maintaining a high degree of quality.

2. Conventional

You may earn $45,000-$75,000, CNN reported.

These are the technical planners, accountants, and managers of the world. These are the button pressers, the ones that like their sock drawer in order, and the types that do not need the rush of highs and lows. They are the most employable personality type.

3. Enterprising

You may earn $48,000 to $78,000, CNN reported.

These are the leaders and risk takers. They are able to think on their feet and guide others. They are often in sales jobs and/or are business-persons themselves. They are program directors. They may not have many people skills, but they are able to lead without needing to win a popularity contest.

4. Investigative

You may earn $48,000-$75,000, CNN reported.

The people who ask the whys, the wheres, who's and such are the investigative type. They are obviously better suited to jobs in the police force, but may also do well in scientific roles, as librarians, as optometrists and so forth. Some say they may lack imagination, but often a good imagination allied with an investigative streak may make for a great scientist or criminologist.

5. Realistic

You may earn $35,000-$250,000, CNN reported.

A realist often likes to solve problems, and just like conventionalists, they are not prone to the need for big highs and lows. They are problem solvers that like finding solutions, and they may work on jobs that range from electricians to nuclear engineers. Usually the amount they rise up through the ranks often depends on their math skills. The better a realistic personality person is at math, the better the job is that he or she has.

6. Social

You may earn $45,000 to $160,000, CNN reported.

The people who like being around other people will often work in jobs where they are able to help others, such as in social and childcare. They may also become coaches, trainers and family practitioners.

Our Take

You do not need to take a personality test to know your own personality. You know if you prefer to be alone or in crowds, to lead or follow, to save or spend. You know all the nuances of your personality, so ask yourself, is your personality suited to your job? Has your personality changed since you took your job? Is there a way you could incorporate more of your personality into your job so you may become better at it?

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