News Jan 4th 2016

Transferring schools can be easier than you think

When most students look at college brochures and check out the campus, they think or feel that they will stay at their college/university for the full term. This is only natural, as why would you look at a college you do not intend to say at. However, a new study shows that around 1/3rd of students transfer over to a different college at some point during their term, with many transferring right in the middle of their term. It is surprising, but most will agree, it is not that unexpected.

What Did the National Study Say?

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Centre finally released their findings in 2015 for a study they did in 2014. Out of the 3.6 million US students there were in 2014, around 37% transferred. The students were measured from 2008 up to the summer of 2014.

Transferring From Other Colleges

Many people transferred to or from community colleges to or from four-year colleges. Some transferred for summer sessions, others because of a personal preference for one college or another, and many did it for personal reasons. The funky thing is that despite the supposed horror of suddenly changing colleges--it is okay.

The Things You Learn

You will learn as you go through life that your goals and your priorities change as time goes on. Your reason for choosing your current college may be moot at this point, or they may have changed. There is also the fact that some students go to a college and simply do not like it--so they decide to change.

Why Bother Changing?

Some people change because they want a smaller and more sedate college, and some change for the opposite reason. Some change to save money or because they realize they cannot afford their current college. Changing colleges is not a bad thing, and it is not as difficult as some people think. It is so common, that most colleges have procedures set up to allow students to make a gentle and easy transition from one college to another.

Where Does It Become Tricky?

The hardest part is often the logistics of the move, but there are other things to consider such as how credits are transferred. There are times when students will have to repeat terms, or where the credits from one college cannot be transferred in full to another.

What Did Thomas Bailey Say?

Thomas Bailey, the director of a Community College Research Centre in the Columbia University mentioned that the process might be fraught with difficulty and complexity. This is mainly due to the differing requirements each college has, but once again, US colleges are used to this sort of thing, and the process has become more streamlined especially since we no longer have to worry about paperwork getting through on time and such (since we can do most of it online).

It Is Easier Than You Think

The streamlining and unification of the process is one of the big reasons why you should speak to a guidance counsellor if you want to make the move. In most cases, they have plenty of experience with this sort of thing and will help you transfer easily. Some colleges, especially bigger ones, have staff whose sole duty it is to help students transfer.

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