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Top Places to Go for Christmas Holidays This Year


What do you think about when you sense the smell of oranges or mulled wine? Yes. It's Christmas! And it's coming! You've probably thought of destinations where to spend it. Have you taken into consideration all the options? Let's see:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the best places to spend your Christmas holidays as a UK resident. Besides the fact that you get two fabulous Christmas markets to visit, the town offers an amazing and unique Scottish atmosphere.

Both the traditional and romantic Christmas market, which is in the heart of Edinburgh and the one on George Street, offer you unique experiences with their gift shops, crafters, and gastronomy surprises.

From November to January, you have plenty of time to explore the gorgeous smell of mulled wine with cinnamon. You'll also experience the magical appeal that the city provides during Christmas time, all while tasting a little bit of Scotland.

London, Great Britain

London is one of the greatest Christmas cities in Europe. Don't you think otherwise! From the Southbank Centre Christmas Market, full of wooden stalls, to extravagant Hyde Park Winter Wonderland where you can have a cup of mulled wine in Bar Ice, you can easily enter the fabulous Christmas atmosphere offered by this city.

If you want an extraordinary experience, you can visit the Christmas Market which beautifully fills the space between Tate Modern and Thames. This is the place where you can find festive food, wooden toys, and gingerbread just to make your experience even greater.

You can also attend the magical carol concerts held at Royal Albert Hall. The lovely performances and stunning architecture will make your holiday as amazing as it can get!

Liverpool, Great Britain

If you love ice and skating, you should go to Liverpool Christmas Ice Festival, which is announced to be even bigger and more spectacular than ever. Ice slide, ice rink, ice bar and the UK's only ice jet ride can offer you cold but interesting experiences. And if you miss Germany, we have good news.

Between the wooden stalls filled with gingerbread and sparkling Christmas decorations, you can find outdoor German bars which can offer you the best German culinary and Christmas experience, outside of Germany. And just not to get bored, you can go to Penguin Party or rescue Rudolph just in time for Santa, who cannot deliver the presents without him.

Manchester, Great Britain

Manchester's award-winning Christmas Markets returns this year more fabulous than ever before. Soak up the atmosphere and follow the market trail as it winds through the city center, tempting you with mouth-watering international food and drinks, crafts, jewelry, and toys.

All around the city you can visit 10 Christmas Markets, each with its own particular and characteristic Christmas atmosphere. Relax with a hot chocolate, a cup of mulled wine, a German beer, or a French wine. Treat yourself with the famous traditional bratwurst, a Hungarian goulash, with a Spanish paella, or with a good old-fashioned hog roast. Start planning your holidays and spend an awesome Christmas in Manchester.

Paris, France

The Parisian markets which are built from wooden chalets will make Paris the most romantic, magical, and welcoming city to spend your Christmas at. All the visitors who have become an essential part of the festive season can delight themselves with unique traditional Christmas food, discover Christmas decorations and presents, or gather several unique ideas to develop amazing flavours and tastes for their Christmas meals. You can be one of them, so what are you waiting for?

Brussels, Belgium

For 5 festive fun-filled weeks, you can see the Brussel springing to life with Winter Wonders, 2 km-long cobbled streets filled with snow-dusted chalets, pop-up restaurants, and buzzing bars. Get an amazing view from the top of the Ferris wheel, taste the most delicious waffles, and smell the spicy-sweet scent of glühwein through the chilly air.

Dublin, Ireland

elfast City Hall faces a spectacular transformation when Christmas arrives. A continental village appears featuring European treats like Belgian chocolate, French tarts, exotic meats, or Italian nougat.

Don't you already want to visit it? Besides that, the “I Believe Christmas Tree and Village” is in its 2nd edition and it represents Ireland's first Winter Food, Drink, Craft and Horticulture Festival. The focus is on supporting Irish businesses, so you'll date the Irish traditionalism in the eye of Dublin, all in a warm and Christmassy atmosphere.


So, as you have seen, all fairy tale cities put on their festive decorations and warmly welcome their visitors with a lot of local goodies, snowy streets, and magnificent scents. The magic of Christmas lies in small things: candles, snow, Christmas tree, friends, and good stories.

The cold outside perfectly fits a cup of mulled wine and gingerbread, so why don't you spice up the atmosphere and consider doing this at a fabulous Christmas market? Gather your loved ones, book the period and make your Christmas greater than before. Even if it's just a weekend trip or a short holiday festive break, you will enjoy all the sparkling lights warming the atmosphere, the unique scents, great views and awesome local crafts.

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