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Top Online Jobs For College Students

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Let’s face it, all students could do with some extra cash in the summer months when they are away from college. If you don’t want to hand your resume in to all of the restaurants and department stores in your hometown, a good option for enjoyable seasonal employment is to head to the computer and search for jobs that you can do from home through the World Wide Web. No matter what your skill set is, you can be sure that you will find something that you can excel at online. Here are a handful of some of the best online jobs that will be perfect for students this summer.

1. Social Media Manager

One of the best online jobs for college students is being a social media manager for a particular brand or company. All the job really requires is a keen grasp on the tricks of the trade when it comes to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you are good at generating interest, likes and retweets, then there could be a company out there that wants you to give them an online shot in the arm.

2. Data Entry Clerk

Another of the great summer jobs for college students is doing data entry work for different companies. Sure, it might not be the most challenging or inspirational work out there, but it’s fast and it’s relatively simple, which means that you can get a lot done in a day and potentially make a lot of money. Data entry work is perfect for people who find satisfaction in working through a task and ticking off their to-do list.

3. Resume Writer

Another college job that you can work from the comfort of your own home is to become a resume writer, helping others who are in the same position that you were to present themselves in the best way possible and make strides in the world of work. This kind of job is perfect for an English student who has a great grasp of the English language and knows exactly how to word a personal statement so that a potential employer takes notice and takes an interest.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

If you spend a lot of free time on the Internet and have developed a keen eye for spotting small errors, then why not put your natural talents to use as a search engine evaluator? Though search engines are being constantly maintained and updated by algorithms, things can still go wrong, and as an evaluator is would be your job to spot these errors and report them to headquarters so that they power that be can get them sorted before they become a real problem.

5. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

PowerPoint is something that a lot of students and office employees come into contact with on a regular basis, and it can be difficult for some people to master it. If you have a special talent for designing eye catching and professional looking presentations, then you can certainly make money online by offering these services to people who have compiled all the necessary information but lack the finesse to make something good looking out of it.

6. Virtual Assistant

You can put to use all of the organizational skills you have developed during the semester at college to become somebody’s virtual assistant for a period of time. From data entry to booking online appointments to completing online shopping, people will pay money simply to be able to request something simple be done, just not by them personally!

Search well and you should find some good opportunities to top up your college funds this summer.

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