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Top 8 Reasons to Play Water Polo

water polo

An intense sport with origins traced back to 17th century India, water polo is not only rich in tradition and a celebrated Olympic game, but also highly beneficial for you. Here are the main reasons you will want to take up this sport – besides it being loads of fun!

1. It Works Out Your Whole Body

You won't have even one finger sitting still during a water polo game! The muscle groups throughout your whole body will be engaged, gaining increased strength and definition as you practice. You work your legs to tread the water, you catch, through and reach with your arms, and you strengthen your core contorting your body.

2. It's the Best Workout for Hot Summer Days

Who doesn't hate having to work out when the weather seems to be hotter than hell? Those who play water polo, that's who! Working out in the water will keep your body cool no matter the temperature outside and no matter the effort you put in. When your body gets overheated, you feel exhausted much faster and tend to give up more easily. Since water polo and other aquatic sports keep you cool, you will be able to work your entire body for longer and more efficiently.

3. It Burns Calories without You Even Noticing It

During a water polo game, you are not allowed to touch the pool's bottom (it's one of the main game rules), which means you must move your legs and arms constantly, in order to be able to stay above the water. This non-stop movement allows you to burn calories super-fast, and since you're focused on playing and having fun, you won't even notice how hard your body is actually working.

4. It's a Great Cardio Workout Too!

All that moving we've talked about will surely get your heart pumping hard, which is great both for weight loss and for general health. Doing cardio at least 30 minutes every day strengthens your heart, repairs damage and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

5. The Water's Resistance Equals Great Strength Training

Water's density allows you to float in it (well, with a bit of practice), but it's also the property that makes you have to put in a lot more effort to move than you would on land. This resistance determines you to push your body harder and makes for a great strength workout. Once you start playing water polo regularly, you will get toned and gain definition faster than you ever could with your usual gym equipment.

6. Water Polo Prevents Injuries

Many sports and physical exercises are hard on your joints, which can lead to problems in the long run, and many pose quite some injury risks one way or another. Even though water polo is a vigorous sport, the injury rate is low, as the water cushions your body. Even if you dive hard for the ball or get knocked around, the water will protect you and there usually won't be any hard surface your body can fall against. What's more, because you are playing in water, the game is easy on your joints as well.

7. It's a Great Way to Relieve Stress

When playing water polo, the effort exerted to stay afloat, the focus on the ball, the thrill of the game and the coolness of the water all combine to give you the best therapy session ever, allowing you to release any tension accumulated throughout the week and considerably reduce stress.

8. It Teaches You to Think Strategically

In water polo, to overcome the other team, you need to learn to strategize, plan, and collaborate with your teammates efficiently, skills that will greatly benefit you in many other areas of your life.

As you can see, this water sport offers you quite some nice benefits and, most of all, it's also highly entertaining. So, tell us, when are you planning to play your first game?

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