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The most entertaining classes you didn't know about

How to survive zomvie apocalypse class

For most of us, college is just the means to an end. Getting a college degree opens up many doors when you step out into the real world. Nobody said it was going to be fun. Oh, but wait… It may surprise you to know that having fun in college does not necessarily mean getting pasted in a frat house or partying your heart out during spring break to forget (if only for a little while) about the horrendous grade you are sure to get in Calculus. There are classes you can take in college that are not only entertaining; many are credited! It can't get any better than that. Perhaps school officials are human after all.

Here are some of the most entertaining classes offered in actual colleges and universities we're betting you didn't know about.

1. Alien Sex

This University of Rochester course is not as kinky as you might hope, at least not in a physical sense. It is interesting to wonder what sexual fantasies writers were expressing when they put in three-breasted stand-ins for real women, or blue giants with long hair. You get to discuss them all in this class. Now, about those centaurs…

2. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

This course is about how people behave when faced with catastrophic disasters, and there is a break down in basic services. Not exactly Walking Dead material, but close enough. If, and when zombies do come, you know what to expect. The fact that Michigan is surrounded by water may explain the willingness of Michigan State University to consider life among the brainless dead with some aplomb. After all, we all know zombies can't swim.

3. Finding Dates Worth Keeping

Are you constantly ending up dating the wrong people and wondering where you went wrong? This course at the University of Sioux Falls can set you straight. If you want a course that you will remember past your graduation, this is probably it.

4. Kinds of Minds

The University of Kansas thought it would be a good idea to get right in there with the question that is on everybody's mind: is it possible for machines or animals to rule the earth? The course ponders on the possibilities of your vacuum cleaner gaining an ascendancy over the remote control, and your dog telling you exactly how he likes his Gravy Train.

5. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame

Come on, this is Lady Gaga. Who doesn't want to have 10 million followers and a boatload of fame and money? She is a shining example of how far being different and in-your-face can get you, and darn it, we want in! We want to know how she did it, and the University of South Carolina is right on board with you there. Then we can rule the world!

6. Learning from YouTube

If you ever wanted a legit excuse to spend hours laughing hysterically at viral YouTube videos, Pitzer College has just the course for you. Professor Alexandra Juhasz considers that YouTube is under-utilized as a venue for digital media culture, and insists that everything on the course takes place on YouTube. Sweet!

7. Philosophy of Star Trek

Geeks, unite! Georgetown University has brought geekdom to a whole new level with this course where you get to watch Star Trek and argue to your heart's content over the time travel paradox and the pros and cons of not having to work for money. It is a great way to get people to care about free will without having an oppressive dictatorship motivating you.

8. Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

If you are firmly convinced that there are aliens all around us, then you want in on this University of Kansas course. You will find out all about how to find them, and why wearing aluminum on your head will probably not prevent them from controlling your mind.

9. Elvish, the language of "Lord of the Rings"

Wouldn't it be cool if when someone says “Hi” you can answer with “Gi suilon!” (I greet you)? When you enroll in this University of Wisconsin course, you will come under the tutelage of the world's foremost Elvish language expert. It would make a great, if not particularly useful, addition to your resume. There are only a few hundred who can understand it, and fewer than that who can speak it, so it makes for a great code, even if you're not an LOTR fan. Gwaem!

10. The Science of Superheroes

Have you ever wondered if Superman can actually fly, or just jumps really hard and far? The University of California at Irvine provides you with an opportunity to answer that question and many others you might have about the powers of your favorite superhero. Of course, it involves a lot of physics and science stuff, but it is worth it if you can find out the mechanics of Wonder Woman's bra. Oh, the mechanics of the invisible jet, not the bra? Okay.

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