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Suicide Squad: Hit or Miss?

Margot Robbie

The Suicide Squad is not a good movie in the year 2016, but part of the reason it is a little disappointing is because it is the year 2016 and it is surrounded by both superior and inferior comic-book movies. If this movie had come out in the 00s, it may have been a bigger hit. As a side note, there are going to be people that rip this movie apart and claim there isn't a single good thing in it, (the same thing happened with Batman vs. Superman). Yet, just like B vs. S, there are some great parts to this movie that may justify you watching it. Just don't pay full price and expect value for money.

Putting This Movie into Perspective

Marvel is tearing up nerd culture with their stream of good movies. The Avengers was its biggest success because it proved that a combined comic book universe could work. Then we have the Batman vs. Superman movie that just came out from DC, which reminded people that even if you have all the right ingredients, you can still make a bad movie. Add to this the fact that Captain America Civil War came out this year, which was simply the best comic book movie to date. If the Suicide Squad had been released in the 00s when we had a superhero vacuum, it may have done a little better.

Will Smith Continues His Downward Journey

What is Will Smith's problem? He used to do two or three bad movies and then one great one. He continued this cycle for years after the first Independence Day, and yet recently he is churning out one bad movie after another. The fact that he turned down Independence Day 2 suggested that he was picking his movies wisely. He led the nerd community into believing that Suicide Squad would be good because Will is picking good movies…but he didn't.

The Evil Avengers

Overall, the most powerful reason for this movie being made is based on hero fatigue. There are so many hero movies out these days that people are sick of them. DC figured that a counter-culture was required, so they created a movie where villains have to work together to overcome a problem. Sadly, the fact these were the bad guys was lost and it ended up becoming yet another hero movie.

The Emma Frost Problem

Emma Frost appeared in X-Men First Class because comic book nerds wanted a real-life version of the sexy cosplay character they keep seeing. The same is true of Harley Quinn. Most people could describe intimately what she looks like, but few could tell you her back-story or why she is a villain. Her inclusion in this movie wasn't a misfire, but it was a disappointment, especially since DC thought she would be the next Iron Man (in terms of popularity).

It Tries to Be Risky but Is Risk Averse

The movie tries so hard to be Fight Club or Deadpool and it fails because it is afraid to take risks. Deadpool and Fight Club were incredibly risky movies because they feature so many elements that have simply not been done before, they contain messages that may alienate the movie's core demographic, and they feature things that may get them in trouble with the popular media. The two movies took a lot of risks and became instant classics, and yet despite the fact that the Suicide Squad tries to copy this format, what it actually becomes is bland. There is nothing in this movie that you haven't seen before.

A Puppet Show with Your Favorite Villains

Odd plots, poor dialogue and underwritten characters. One feels a massive amount of sympathy for DC because they may have underwritten their characters because they felt that people already knew their characters very well--but we don't. The new version of the Joker is fun, but even he is a little unrecognizable. Harley Quinn leading the trailers was a mistake, despite the fact she wasn't bad in the movie. Will Smith picked another stinker, and the action scenes are nothing you haven't seen before. Is it the worst movie of the year, not at all? If Batman Vs Superman can at least create a good Batman movie (which is what B vs. S was), then it is fair to say that Suicide Squad made a good Harley Quinn movie. The movie is a disappointment, it takes no risks, its adds nothing new, and it is bland.

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