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Student Friendly Tips For Eating On A Tight Budget part 1

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There are literally hundreds of ways a student can save money on food and eating in general. Ideally, you want a balanced diet, but balancing your budget may be a bigger concern. By all means, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet, but you don't have to do it every day. Plus, once you have your qualification, you can get a good job and eat well for the rest of your life, so you shouldn't worry too much about poor quality meals and struggling through college and university.

Do Not Be Fooled By Offers And Deals

For example, you often see multi-buy offers on yogurts. The reason is because most people only need around two or three per week, which would make sales typically slow for the supermarket. That is why they give you multi-buy options. They know you will be enticed by the multi-buy prices, and they know the yogurts will have gone off in a week, so you will have to come back for more.

Buy Filling Foods You May Use As Snacks

You can often get powdered mash for a very cheap price. Throw a little bit of warm margarine on it and a little bit of salt, and you have a very filling meal that you can treat as a snack. Buy a large bag of potatoes and have a jacket potato or two every day and treat it as a snack.

There are also packets of savory rice that you can often buy cheap, and if you cannot, then buy a large bag of rice for a low price and add your own spices as you cook it. Again, you have to remember that these are very cheap foods you may eat whenever you feel mildly hungry, and they will fill you for hours, which reduces your overall food costs.

Sleep Whenever You Are Hungry

This tip is actually based on the fact that people eat when they are tired. That is why some people seem to eat more at night. They feel hungry because they are lacking energy (because they are tired). If you go to sleep, you wake up and do not feel hungry. This happens almost every time you sleep instead of eat, which means you may go to bed and sleep for a few hours or sleep all night long instead of eating. This will save you money on your food budget, with may help stop you eating at night.

Do Not Tell Your Parents You Like Their Food Because You Are Poor

Okay, so here is the hustle, the student goes home and wolfs down a big family meal. The student then proclaims that he or she doesn't eat like that anymore because he or she is too poor to eat so well. The student then gets money and goes away happy and merry.

The sad fact is that this con is rather childish and will only work a few times. After a while, the parent gets wise to the con and stop sending money. What is worse is that when the parent sees you spending money, or hears of you spending money, he/she/they become a little irate and start badgering you.

The best hustle is to say that you do not eat that well anymore because you are so busy. Harp on about how you do not get time to cook because you are bogged down in your work. This often results in you getting free food to go back to your dorm with, plus your parents will be quite happy to repeatedly send over money because they believe you are studying hard and doing well.

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