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Should You Get That Tattoo? Ask Yourself These Questions First

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It's 2016 and it would be fair to say that there are more people with tattoos in society than there have ever been before. Once upon a time tattoos were something that people only associated with sailors, prisoners and gang members, but in modern times the trend of permanent body art has opened itself up to all corners of society, with even the most straight-laced citizens having a tattoo or two to share with the group. However, while it is easier and more common than ever to get inked, the fact still remains that, barring painful laser removal, any tattoos that you get are going to last forever. Before you take the plunge and get comfortable in the artist's chair, consider these six important questions.

1. Why do you want a tattoo?

Have you asked yourself this? Do you know why you want a tattoo? Are you doing it because it's trendy? Because all your friends are tattooed? An act of rebellion because you know your parents will hate it? What's driving your thoughts? It is important to know why you want something that permanently changes your body.

2. Will You Love It in 20 Years?

Is the tattoo you are getting going to be something that you are still proud of fond of in twenty years' time? Getting the name of your college boyfriend on your arm is probably not the type of thing that you want to have forever. Equally, that Justin Bieber portrait might not have the same relevance when you are 40! Carefully consider the shelf life of any design before you commit to having it permanently set on your body.

3. Does It Have a Meaning?

The general consensus is that tattoos that hold a personal meaning to you are the ones that you are going to have the least regrets about. While a simple flower design or a generic heart might suit your college student style, it might not be something that you are happy with in your fifties or sixties. One way to make sure that the tattoo is going to be something that you still treasure it in years to come is to choose a design with a personal meaning to you.

4. Is That Location Sensible?

In the carefree days of college, it might not seem to matter on what part of your body you choose to have a tattoo, but we implore you to think about the bigger picture here and consider whether a neck or hand tattoo is going to hinder you in your professional career, whatever that may be. For example, if you are studying law, then a tattoo that can be seen over a suit might not be the best idea. Don't let your long term goals be hampered by permanent ink.

5. Do You Even Like It?

You would be amazed at just how many people get a tattoo that they don't even like: whether it's through peer pressure, pressure from the artist, or because you were a little worse for wear when picking out the design. This decision is one that is going to affect you and the way you feel about your body forever, so do not jump straight in and commit to a design that you are not 100% happy with. Never agree to a tattoo to make somebody else happy.

6. What Is the Artist's Reputation?

There are some pretty amazing tattoo artists out there, but on the flipside there are also some pretty terrible ones too. Before you even get the stage of going in and discussing the possibility of getting a tattoo, research reviews of the tattoo parlor and the tattooists that work there. They might have the gift of the gab when face to face, but it's always a good idea to look online for samples of their work and honest testimonials from customers who have no invested attachment to the parlor.

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