News Jun 24th 2016

On Thoughts of Brexit, Education, and Implications


Implications of Brexit to Education

“While no one is suggesting that UK universities could not survive outside the EU, leaving would mean cutting ourselves off from unique support and established networks and would undermine the UK's position as a global leader in science, arts and innovation,” – Universities UK.

Above was the letter to the media of the Universities UK which represented the university principals. It was no doubt the biggest change one nation had. Quoting the words “overwhelming positive”, that's what they believe will be the impact of higher education to the strong global reputation of Britain Universities. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore as British have been decided to exit the ‘strong' union.

Everything is open for change – may this be an overwhelming one. This includes the British Schools from primary to secondary leading up to their Higher Education. This was a hard fall but United Kingdom is keen on making a mark and making their identity. There are a lot of arguments circulating that Britain can easily made up the amount needed to sustain their Educational needs. Not to mention the foreigners. There is still no agreement what will happen to them. In a debate on Sputnik International news, the writer and editor David Lindsay stated it could while Simon Mabon, a lecturer in international relations at a Lancaster University, debated it could not. He reasoned that the European Union provides most of the funding for UK's prestigious Education system.

Now that the support of European Union Nation ceases to exist, impact will now lead to changing the:

1. Research Programs

European Union helps funding the research programs in British Universities. They fund more than the 30% or some times, above what's needed. Research programs will clearly have a major change. Not only will it lead to limited sources but restricting as well the number of British Students who want to study all across Europe. Brexit is clearly a negative impact to research. In this case, it could as well deduce the strength of British Universities when it comes to discovery and science.

2. Population of European Union Students

What the people are dreading about if your between the rifts of debating whether to stay or not, are the contributions and population of students who go to British Universities to finish their schooling. Now that it has been all been decided and UK is out, people are clamoring and arguing what will happen to EU Students. Statistically, there are more than 125,000 EU students living and studying in British Universities. They are generating more than enough for the economy and also, more rate employment. All 14% of academic staff of UK is from EU Nations as well. Given that EU students will not be deterred to enroll themselves in British Universities, but given the fact international fees will apply, it will likely make a funding gap!

3. Fees!

EU contributes a big sum of amount to projects in British Universities. One of them revolves around buildings and facilities needed. Having it gone, Britain will have a hard time thinking of how to lower down fees. No matter how they try to suppress or lower down the said ‘fees' with concerns to education, it will always have a big drawback to other EU nations. United Kingdom will need to collect and imposed international fees to everyone who wishes to study there. To lessen the fees, government would need to give it to UK Taxpayers which would also lead to bigger taxes. Government can no longer sustain giving financial help up to 9000 pounds for students.

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