News Dec 24th 2015

New Year Resolutions Doomed To Come True

College is the time when you realize that you are probably not as great as you think you are, and makes you doubly determined to be twice as good as anyone else. Chances are you won't succeed because you are trying too hard, just like when you make your New Year resolutions.

This year, resolve to do things you actually have a shot at doing, and being something that isn't reaching too far into the realms of fantasy. Here are some New Year resolutions doomed to come true for you.

Save 10% off your spending and put it in a savings account

It may seem a lot, but if you whittle it down to a daily basis, it is quite doable even on a college allowance.

That 10% can go to chipping a bit off your student debt, or putting it towards that car you want when you graduate. At any rate, it is a comfortable little nest egg for emergencies, like an unexpected first date with the campus queen. You can also use it for your hospital bill. For, you know, cracking your head open from fainting when she said yes.

Go for those electives that will take you out of your comfort zone

You might be setting your sights on a Nobel prize, but it doesn't hurt to diversify a little. Take more electives this year that will provide you with an interesting minor to your major course. It would look impressive on your resume, and if you happen to suck at your major, it makes for a neat fallback.

Join a sport you are relatively good at and make new friends

A great way to get more exercise and meet new people is to join a sports program. Many unis offer a myriad of sports for all tastes, so it doesn't matter if you sucked at gymnastics. Pick one that you think you will not look too ridiculous doing and stick with it for a few months. You might actually do quite well, and make some great friends that you will keep for life. Even if you don't, at the every least you will get a uniform in your school colours you can show your kids when you're forty and remembering college not quite as accurately as you think you do.

Attend at least one campus event a month

Even if you are a bit of a loner, campus events are so full of people moving around that no one will notice you're alone. Campus events are a good way to meet new people, find something to talk about with old ones whether they attended or not, and get a little bit of the school spirit going. Besides, campus events are usually where you can score free food and other free stuff that can help you with resolution number 1.

Post a video on YouTube

What? You think it's crazy? That is precisely why you should do it. Doing something a little out of character is an excellent way to blow off steam. You may even go viral and make a name for yourself on campus. Just make sure you don't do anything too crazy. Remember that employers look at your online profile and posting a video of yourself making a homemade bomb is probably not going to get you the best job offers. What gets on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

Learn to cook something new every month

It is easy to find recipes on the Internet, so make the most of your food budget and cook something instead of eating out. Learning a new dish can make it a little more interesting. Don't choose anything too fancy, though, or you might be reduced to breaking open your last ramen pack and the windows as far as they will go. A good rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce it, you can't cook it.

These are probably not the most inspired resolutions you will ever make, but they are eminently practical and doable. You can always shoot for the moon next year.

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