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Mac vs PC for College Use Which One is for You

PC or MAC?

There is quite a divide between Mac and PC users; each firmly convinced that they are using the best system. However, both systems do have their own advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to what most satisfy your needs and desires. Here is a general comparison of Mac and PC laptops from our professional assignment writing service for use in college.


Macs are always going to be more expensive than PCs given the same specifications. For many college students, that is a barrier, because what with rising tuition fees and other expenses, paying a couple of hundred more for the same functionality does not make sense. Of course, those who can, do. For the fortunate few that have well-heeled parents, the Mac might have a fighting chance.


Macs have the advantage when it comes to looks. They are sleeker and cleaner looking than most PC laptops. The fact that they also cost more adds quite a bit to the coolness factor. However, there are many PC manufacturers. If we are talking laptops and you want for your individuality to stand out, Windows or Linux-based laptops may be the way to go. Your Red laptop will definitely stand out in the sea of Macbooks.


Macs and PCs are head-to-head when it comes to computing speed for most models. It seems that performance lag may be more on the user's head than the machine, as Macs tend to be clunkier. Mac users will deny it of course, but the absence of a right click capability is a major hindrance for many users. To be on the safe side, though, you should read the reviews of the specific models you have in mind to make a more educated decision.


One advantage that Macs have over PCs is in graphic design. Macs, for some reason, has become the standard when it comes to graphic design. Hence, if you frequently need to do image editing and manipulation or your course is somewhere long Visual Arts or Design, a Mac may be a better choice for you.


On the other hand, development of software for the Mac operating system tends to lag behind that for the other PC manufacturers. Third-party software is almost impossible to use with Macs, so naturally, programmers tend to favour a more open platform such as Windows or Linux. In addition, there is more profit in developing for paid software Windows because it has the lion's share of the market at 92% compared to Mac's measly 5%. That can change, of course, but not anytime soon.


PCs tend to be more vulnerable to hacks and viruses because it has a more open platform. The best hackers are the ones that make the best programs, after all! How can you tell if that innocent-looking app that you just downloaded carries a worm? You don't. Macs, on the other hand, are safer because the software is proprietary. Only official Mac software gets past the gates.


With Macs, what you see is what you get. There are no upgrades for it. PCs, on the other hand, are easier to customize. If you like to play massive online multiplayer games, you will probably weep with frustration with a Mac. If you can download to it, that is.


Most universities and colleges use both Mac and PC systems, so compatibility should not be an issue. However, if your institution happens to use one exclusively, then any comparisons we make is moot. Overall, it would seem that the PC is the better choice for most college students. However, it all boils down to individual preferences plus peer pressure. The general rule appears to be that students in technology-based majors tend to favour PCs, while those in the liberal arts go for Macs. If you are still on the fence, look around you and see what everybody else is using. That is usually the safe way to go.

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