News Apr 22nd 2016

Looking for a Scholarship? Don't Go For The Obvious

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Students are well aware that having a scholarship eases the financial burden of college. What you might not be aware of is that there are scholarships available for all sorts of weird and wonderful – sometimes bizarre – circumstances or subjects.

Gaining a scholarship doesn't always depend on your grades, whether you're needy or because the person reviewing your application likes the sound of you. If you have a hobby, a certain physical attribute or even a medical condition, there could be, strike that, probably is, a scholarship with your name on it. And that's where scholarship essays can get personal. It may be that you have to bare your soul in a way that you hadn't really expected to. So how do you find one of these scholarships?

If you search you will find a large number of websites where you register and make note of all your interests. You will then be sent regular newsletters and updates about scholarships that are specific to you and also that you qualify to apply for.

On these websites and others like them, you are able to search for scholarships that cover a huge range. There is more diversity than you imagine. For example, there are Ukelele scholarships (not surprisingly in Hawaii) and even one called the “No Essay Scholarship” which is awarded once every month and has a value of $2,000. It's probably the most laidback scholarship ever!

One that might interest students who don't like writing essays is the $1,000 School Survey Scholarship. Another way is to build up points which then enable you to apply for free scholarships. Check out Scholarship points and other similar sites where you complete surveys and even play trivia games to accumulate points.

Don't sit there and think there won't be anything for your particular interest. You really won't know until you do a thorough search. Even comic book lovers are catered for. Check out Unigo's superhero scholarship!

By now you must realize that applying for scholarships might not be as scholarly as you thought. Be creative, think laterally about your interest, search on random ideas and you never know what scholarship award might be coming your way.

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