News Jun 10th 2015

LinkedIn Buys Are Those $1.5 Billion Well-Spent?

Lynda and LinkedIn
LinkedIn proves its influence on the professional skills education market once again: the company purchased for a staggering amount of $1.5 billion. Tech industry specialists were surprised by the announcement LinkedIn made in April, 2015, but after the news settled in, the merge of into the LinkedIn family seems completely natural.

Lynda – an attractive online service with great potential is an online education company privately held by Lynda Susan Weinman. Since it was founded in 1995, the website has offered thousands of video courses that help people upgrade their business, creative, and software skills. The website is one of the top destinations for online learners, especially for those interested in management, basic HTML, CSS, and Photoshop practices. The tutorials and videos provide useful instructions from industry veterans and experts. One can safely say that is one of the companies that established the foundations of the e-learning industry. Online learners can learn from courses in the following 9 categories: Developer, Photography, Design, Web, Education, Business, Video, 3D + Animation, and Audio + Music. The membership at the website enables unlimited access to the entire course library of over 3,500 video courses for all levels.

The concept of on-the-go learning is attractive for everyone who wants to obtain new skills without being tied down to a classroom or a specific period of the day. According to the LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, the acquisition of this company enables LinkedIn to move closer towards the goal of connecting job seekers with positions suitable for their skills. Thanks to the merge, the professional network is going to provide its users with effective access to online education that would boost their chances for career success.

LinkedIn + Lynda – Is it the perfect fit?

“For well over two decades, I've been interested in helping to reform the education system. It was actually one of the reasons I went into business, specifically with the belief that one day I could hopefully have enough influence and resources to make a positive difference.” – says Jeff Weiner in his blog post published on April 9, 2015. He obviously had the influence before this investment, but with the acquisition of, Weiner has the resources as well. Lynda Weinman, the founder of, describes the merge as “a moment in history when people can learn anytime, anywhere, and with no boundaries.”

Is $1.5 billion a good deal?

According to Bobby Owsinski, a contributor to, this is the best money LinkedIn will ever spend. In his article for Forbes, he describes Lynda as a successful company with high morale, motivated employees and satisfied users. “For LinkedIn users that want to learn a new skill, become certified or re-certified for a new job or career, the exposure and access to the courses should be a major benefit for using the network. If LinkedIn was looking for a way to offer more value for its paying subscribers, then it hit a home run.” – says Owsinski.

LinkedIn hasn't specifically stated what its plans are regarding Lynda. According to Ryan Roslansky, head of content products at, the future job seeker will be able to instantly know what skills he need for the available jobs in the city of his interest. Then, he will be inspired to take relevant and accredited courses that would enable him to acquire those skills. With this investment, LinkedIn starts expanding into the field of professional development. Knowing the capacity of both services, the possibilities are endless.

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