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Left-handed people and their skills

Left-handed kid
Have you ever wondered why do some people use their left hand as the dominant one? Are they ill? Didn't they mothers teach them which hand was the "correct" one? Or they just want to be special? Well, none of these theories are valid. It appears that left handed persons are this way due to two factors - genetic heritage and environment. They sum up to 10% of the total population.

Myths about left handed persons

Here's one everybody knows: Left handed people have a more developed artistic side. This originated in the fact that left hands are controlled by the right side of the brain which is responsible with creativity. Popular belief was fueled by great left handed personalities though history, Leonardo de Vinci, for example. But in fact, scientific researchers found no link between left handed people and boosted creativity or any other intellectual advantage.

Lefties are thought to get sick more often. Maybe this comes from the fact that minorities are always considered more vulnerable and helpless. But guess what? In this case, things are just the other way round - a massive survey has proved that left handed persons have lower chances of suffering from arthritis and ulcers.

Left handed persons are being persecuted. Again, this myth has survived because people associate minorities with discrimination and vulnerability. Take the expression "two left hands" or "two left feet" as proof. However, this belief is hardly true. Just think about how many left handed presidents USA had. Or consider the myth above - the one according to which lefties are regarded as special gifted and creative persons.

Lefties are the misfits of societies. This is 100% a misjudgment. If we just think about it for one minute, we realize that all things are created especially for right hander people: irons, scissors, sewing machines, can openers and even pen and paper. And still, left hander persons have always adapted and survived throughout the years.

Facts about left handed persons

They tend to have learning disorders. First of all, this is due to the high risk of dyslexia and ADHD. Then, only a small amount of lefties have a right dominant brain hemisphere. The rest hover between left and right, without having a clear dominant one. This translates in poorer academic abilities that may seem ordinary for right handed persons. For example, language learning or distinguishing among letters and numbers represents a difficulty for them.

Lefties have real advantages in sports. And this is due to their "surprise element." Sport players are trained and used to compete against opponents similar to them - right handed individuals. But lefties are familiar with right handed competitors, so they hold the advantage. For example, in boxing no one would expect to be hit by a strong left punch.

Left handed candidates get more votes. Well, first let's take a look at several USA presidents who were/are lefties: Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush, for instance. They all managed to gain people's sympathy at the expense of their opponents. What's the explanation? On TV, sides are mirrored. So audience perceives a left hand greeting as a right hand one. The symbolism goes even further - people prefer that particular candidate because they associate right with goodness and correctness.

They perceive sounds differently. According to a medical research conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center, brain hemispheres are specialized in different kinds of sounds. Thus, the right one perceives fast changing sounds like consonants, while the left one better understands slow changing sounds like syllables. This founding will contribute to treating lefties for the language disorders mentioned above.

Now you know some real facts about lefties and also some big names of left hander persons!

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