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How to write your first resume

Templates are all fine and good, but they do not get to the heart of what makes a resume effective. It is the same as thinking you have made a fully functioning car when you only have the outer shell. Here is how you write your first resume.

Writing the First Resume: Dos and Don'ts

Do not be arrogant

There needs to be a degree of self-promotion, but you have to temper your enthusiasm for yourself and direct it towards enthusiasm for the job and your desire for it. It is your first job, so they are not expecting you to be a star player. They are expecting an eager young person with a drive to learn and improve.

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Do not send the same resume to different companies

It is tempting to send the same resume to every job you apply for because it means you can basically spam the employers in your area until one bites, but it is a very ineffective way to get a job. Try to customize your resume to the different jobs you apply for. You do not have to do a full rewrite, just change it a little to suit the job you are going for.

Do not skip proofreading your work

Silly mistakes are going to lose you the chance to get a job. Plus, it may be a little embarrassing if a few typos slip the net. For example, you may say that you enjoy going swimming in the local poo. You should also proofread it for impact. If there are parts of it that even you cannot finish without falling asleep, then imagine how your future employer is going to feel.

Do experiment with various templates

The template is not the element needed to build a good resume, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to a single type. Your template may say something about you if you pick the right one. Different templates may also work for different jobs, where a fun-loving template and design may help you get a job in a toy store, but may stop you getting a job in an accountancy.

Do consider an Infographic resume

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There are some people that are handing out Infographic résumé, and that is a fantastic idea. If you are good at designing them, then you can make a resume that really hits home and makes a fantastic impression. However, remember that it has to be of a high quality; otherwise, the employer probably won't read it.

Your photo is important

It is a good idea to include a photo of yourself because it helps the employer decide if you have a shot with the company. If you are good-looking, then you should definitely include a photo. Remember that the photo itself is going to say a lot about you.

A professional headshot may make you appear more professional, as will the clothes you are wearing, and the location you took your shot. A good and/or original photo that both shows your good side and your suitability for the job will help leave a lasting impression on your future employer.

Use power words

There are some words that are simply more powerful than others. They help you create the façade that you are more suitable for the job than you actually are. It is almost like lying, though it is really wordplay and clever writing. Here are a few examples:

Do not say that you are hard working and intelligent

Instead, you say that you are highly dynamic and able to think on your feet. Do not tell people you are intelligent outright if you can help it. Drop hints that you are intelligent with indications that you think your way out of problems, and are a good problem solver.

Do not say you are punctual and reliable

Say that you have not been late for college/school for the last 5,3 years, and say that you pride yourself on being dependable. You may add in the world "reliable", but use it mixed in with other power words.

All experiences should be included

There are millions of people that think they do not have experience when they actually have lots of it. Here is an excerpt from a highly experienced person:

"I have 6 years experience caring for animals, including sanitizing their living areas and managing their diet. I am highly devoted to customer service, and in my 8 years experience I have become an expert at dealing with difficult people and troublesome personalities. I am able to communicate with people in a way that calms and eases them so that I gain their trust and respect."

That was an excerpt from the resume of Jenny, who has two rabbits and a dog (that she has had 6 years, and she spends Saturdays with her Nan and her friends taking care of her). Yet, the way it is phrased in the resume, it looks as if Jenny is very experienced.
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