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How to make friends before you get to college

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One of the scariest things about going to college is that you don't know anyone. It's easy to forget that all students are in the same situation and will be starting from scratch where friendships are concerned. But is there anything you can do to get to know people before you actually get to your college? Or are you doomed to begin the semester as a complete newbie to everyone and everything on campus? Fortunately, you can use social media to your advantage and reach out to people that will be studying at the same college; here's what you can do to make friends before you even get to college…

Organize a meet up

It's very likely that there's someone from your high school who's going to be attending the same college, although you'll probably be taking different classes. But you don't just have to get to know people on the same course. Reach out on social media to find other students who will be going to your college and organize a meet up during the summer or your last semester at school. Then you can all get to know each other before you head off to college, and have the security of knowing that you'll be able to call on some familiar faces once you arrive on campus. It'll help alleviate those first lonely weeks, and you could make some friends that will last throughout college and beyond.

Get to know current students

It's also highly probable that there are students from your high school already at your college. Use Facebook and other social media to find out who they are, and drop them a message asking if you can chat to them about the college and what to do when you get there. They'll be able to tell you all about the clubs and activities available on campus, and suggest some tips about adjusting to your first year of college (who better to advise you than someone who's been through the same experience and knows exactly what it's like?). Plus, you'll have your home town in common, and can chat about the things you like (and loathe) about it!

Join social network groups

There are lots of Facebook groups set up for people who will be in a particular class, or for clubs and other activities. So do a search for the things you're interested in, such as drama, sports or causes; you'll find that there are plenty of social media groups for these activities at your college. Then all you need to do is join the groups and start chatting - it'll give you a chance to get to know people virtually before you arrive on campus. And once you get there, you'll know some names of people to chat to - that will give you an advantage over getting to know people from scratch. They can also introduce you to people they know, so every person you meet and chat to could be the gateway to other friendships. The more people you talk to, whether online or in person, the better.

Look for mentor programs

Colleges know very well that the first weeks, or even months, are challenging for students. There may be mentor programs set up which match new or prospective students with existing ones, so that you can shadow them around campus and get to know it a little, as well as some of the students there. You may also have the opportunity to attend a summer orientation, which is the perfect opportunity to make contacts and get to know other students before the first semester even starts.

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