News Feb 26th 2016

How to Create Value and an Entrepreneurial Mindset


For people who are preparing to launch their own business, as well as for those who have already entered the world of business, creating an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the main priorities. Throughout college and MBA studies, human-capital management is regarded as a principle without a clearly defined form. Professors and students are mostly focused on numbers, percentages and strategies of developing products and services, as well as building businesses with high financial value.

Value is a concept that has two sides. In addition to finances, it also means pursuing a passion and human capital - habits, knowledge, and personal attributes that define the entrepreneurial mindset. When an individual achieves such value, he is capable of producing high economic value. According to The Human Capital Report 2015, “talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century.” Over 30% of employers on global level have difficulties to find the talent they need. The world of business must reinvent its role of premade human capital; leaders need to understand the talent value chain and engage in the process of developing people's potential. Every potential and current business owner must aspire towards evolving value and entrepreneurial mindset.

The Virtues of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The characteristics of successful leaders cannot be generalized into a single category. Quiet, introspective and reserved are not considered to be positive traits in leadership, but introverted individuals make great leaders as well. A landmark study conducted by Jim Collins showed that the most successful leaders are not necessarily charismatic or outgoing. Collins developed a theory that level 5 leaders possessed an unusual mixture of professional will and personal humility. Although there is no certainty in psychological typology, there are specific characteristics that great leaders possess.

A Constant State of Awareness and Persistence – That's How You Create Value and Entrepreneurial Mindset

The responsibility of developing leadership capabilities is gaining priority among the universally-established human-capital functions. Although leadership development is an industry worth $25 billion, many companies are still not spending enough for the sake of human-capital management.

A masterful leader never thinks he knows it all. He is characterized with great curiosity, will to experiment, and permanent aspiration to learn new things. Progress is the only thing that will drive you and your company forward.

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