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How To Improve Your Living And Working Area

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There is a direct link between how organized your living and working space is, and how effective, efficient and how motivated you are. This article could go into detail as to why this is, but since the theory described in this article is cost free and relatively easy, it is advisable that you prove or disprove the theory yourself by giving it a try. Simply use the advice and instructions to make your own living and working space more clean and organized.

Organize your working and living space

Being more organized and cleaning your working/living space will make you happier. Amplify this feeling by taking before and after photos, so you may see just how big of a difference you have made. For obvious reasons, it also makes a person more efficient and productive. What some people do not know is that it directly affects a person's motivation. A tidy and clean working and living area, makes a person more motivated to start and complete goals and tasks.

Empty Spaces Are Going To Attract Clutter

Remember that your biggest enemy may be empty spaces. People have a habit of placing things in empty spaces so they may deal with them later. This is a common problem that often leads to clutter and mess. If you are the sort of person that puts things down to deal with them later, then lower the number of empty spaces you have. Desks, tables, windowsills, and the tops of drawers are often full of free-and-empty space. Find a way of lowering the amount of free space you have. If you do, then when you start placing things down to handle later, it helps ensure they are in an inconvenient place that you will need to use soon, such as your bed, chair or floor. If you place items down in inconvenient places, then it encourages you to put them back to where they belong and/or to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Give Your Stuff A Permanent Location

People are creatures of habit, and as a result we tend to build habits, especially when people are organizing their living space . Many times, habits occur by accident. For example, you may put your house keys in a certain location a few times when you get home, and suddenly you notice you put them there all the time without thinking. Many people lose things, not because they have actually misplaced them, but because they have broken a habit and have not put them back in their usual place.

Give things a permanent location on purpose. You need to decide where the best place is for all the things you own. You then need to build a habit of placing and re-placing the items there. Some people go to the trouble of making labels for things, which is fine, but is often unnecessary. After all, you are going to spend a lot of time in your living/working area, so you are probably going to memorize where everything goes.

Grow Positive Habits To Sweeten The Deal

One of the biggest and best secrets to keeping your working and living space organized and clean is to develop positive habits. At first, it is tough to get into the habit of doing something such as 15 minutes of cleaning after every working session, but after a while the habit sets in to the point where you barely even realize and recognize the fact you are cleaning.

Set yourself a few ground rules from which your positive habits may spring. For example, you may decide that every time you walk through your door you have to tidy away all the items you see in the first five minutes. This habit is tough to get into, but after a while, you will start doing it without realizing you are doing it, and suddenly the drudgery of the task no longer exists. If you are having serious motivation problems, then the most common reason is chronic tiredness. If getting lots of restful sleep is not helping, then organizing, cleaning, tidying and restructuring your working and living areas may be the key.

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