News May 13th 2016

Here is How You Write a Proper Thank You Email


Within this article, you will find advice for students. If you have just applied to a college, you should probably send them a thank you message. It lets them know that you are a good person and that you are grateful for them reading your application and not rejecting you outright. Here are a few tips for writing a proper thank you email.

Use your correct name

If you are going to send a thank you email, then you need to use your correct name. Do not use a fake name or try to be somebody else. Do not give a nickname or a pen name, and do not pretend to be another sex or a doctor. Do not miss out your name completely and proofread your name to be sure you didn't write Joan instead of John.

Explain in your email who you are

You do not want the recipient to wonder who you are. They are probably going to be smart enough to recognize that you are a student or something, and that you have been applying to them. They will probably have your communication history on their computers and will be able to see that you are the same person you were when you applied. They will also probably have your name and know who you are. But don't assume. Just confirm you're an applicant.

Use the subject line

If you are sending an email, you are supposed to put a subject line on it. You may not have to put it up there for your friends or your newest lover, but for most people you have to send a subject line in with your email. If you are going to send thank you emails, you should probably write the words, "Thank You" on your email in case they do not bother to open it. There are some people that will not accept an email if it does not have a subject line. There are some people that are afraid it may be a virus. They may also assume that you are being rude by not adding a subject line.

Proofread your email

You may have made a big batch of mistakes. You may have written it when drunk, or high, or tired, and you may have forgotten to proofread it. At the very least, you should look at the lines that have a squiggly red line under them and figure out if they are incorrectly spelled words. You should also consider typos because sometimes a typo comes out in your written text without the spelling and grammar checker highlighting it. For example, in this text, the word "type" and "typo" may be interchanged without the spelling and grammar checker highlighting it.

Use some sort of signature

You are probably not able to use some sort of hand-written signature on your email, but if you are able to add an image file of your signature right at the bottom of your email, then you should give it a try. You do have to remember that many email blockers and such will not allow images to be shown, which means it may look as if you do not have a signature at the bottom of your email. It is often a good idea to have a sign-off statement along with your name. For example, you could write, "Thank You Again" and then your name.

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