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Great College Admission Essay Tips

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A college admission essay is a separate project that colleges may set in order to further examine the state of mind of their applicants. Sometimes, a college essay may help avoid the need for an interview. Remember that it is a separate project, so try not to repeat a great deal of what you say in your resume section.

Read the question three times

The reason for this is very simple. It seems that a great many students misinterpret what a college admission essay actually wants or asks for. This may be because they are using essay-writing services, or it may be because they are searching for generic information on the internet. The other reason must be that they are not reading the questions correctly.

For example, there are admission questions such as asking for times when they have shown great leadership skills, and some students have referenced Alexander the Great and Sun Tzu, when all the question asks for is anecdotal evidence that they have some idea what leadership means when applied to their own life.

Do not make the essay too personal

There seems to be a fine line between what students understand to be personal and what students think generic is. It is true that you shouldn't write a generic essay because you will bore the HR people, but that doesn't mean you need to make your essay so personal that you tell them you wet the bed up to the age of 15 years old.

Writing an essay that is generic means that if your friends read your essay, then they may not know you wrote it. If that is the case, then your essay is generic. If you make your essay too personal, then you are only going to embarrass yourself. The HR staff know you are human and that you have had hardships, but they do not want to hear about them in the same way they do not want to hear about the bowel movements of a homeless man.

Pander to their liberal or republican agenda

If you are applying to a republican/conservative school/college/university, then you do not need to worry so much about pandering. They will either accept you or they will not. If you are applying to a liberal/labor/leftist school/college, then you really need to lay it on thick about how you hate people that have worked for their money and won't give it away, and put in a lot of stuff about the righteous nature of being PC and such. It sounds like a cheap trick, but the HR team has been whipped into accepting very specific people that have already accepted a liberal doctrine. If you do not drink from the leftist mug, they will not allow you in unless your grades are outstanding.

Try not to use long words and fancy writing

There are some students that add in plenty of obscure and difficult words, along with complicated and esoteric sentence structure. It is a silly mistake to make because the admin staff are not scholars of great intellectual note. They are the staff members that were not smart enough to get out of HR duty, so try to keep it simple but powerful.

Stop making simple mistakes

One very annoying thing that the HR and admission team will have to put up with is a student's inability to follow simple instructions. For example, there are often questionnaires and application forms that are only half filled out because people have decided to leave massive gaping holes in their forms. There are also simple instructions on essay fonts and layouts that are not followed. They are very easy instructions, and yet people do not follow them, and it annoys the admission staff.

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