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Don't get distracted

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There are plenty of ways to stay focused when you are working, no matter what your job is, and it is mostly a matter of mind. It is mostly up to you to concentrate and focus. There are not really any shortcuts; however, there are gadgets and tools you can use to help you focus a little better and become a little less distracted.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you ever wanted a distraction-free environment, then you have wanted noise-cancelling headphones. They are an amazing invention. There are some that cancel out noise if you have music on, and there are the more expensive ones that cancel out sound even if there is no music playing at all. You will be surprised how much effort these headphones save you and how they allow you to stay focused. It is amazing just how annoying background noise really is. You do not recognize or realize the freedom you are missing until you have tried noise-cancelling headphones and then try working without them.

A Digital Alarm Clock And Timer

To actually have a physical object that times you and beeps when you ask it to is very helpful. What you do is set it to beep every ten minutes. Each ten-minute interval should be set out for different tasks. The first ten minutes may be for writing, the second ten minutes may be for research, the third for resting, and so on. What is more powerful is not the division of your tasks to make them less boring, it is more about lowering the amount you daydream. You will find that the beep of the timer is somewhat of a wakeup call. It tells you that you are supposed to switch tasks, and it also helps you recognize that you have been daydreaming or procrastinating.

Google Glasses

If you have distraction problems during the day to the point where you seem to lose and waste a lot of time, then the Google glasses may help. It is an expensive solution, but may be worth your while if you have money to burn. You set them to record during your working hours when you are supposed to be productive. You then watch the videos in fast forward to time how much time you spend looking at your work and working, and how much time you spend messing around. You may discover some of your most unproductive habits that you were otherwise unaware of.

Philips PowerSensor 27-inch monitor

Are you away from your computer a lot? If you are supposed to be working on your computer and yet you seem distracted, take a look back at your screen and see if it has dimmed. If it has, then you have probably been procrastinating or engaged in a distraction. The Philips PowerSensor 27-inch monitor has sensors that note if you are looking at the screen or not. If you take your eyes away for a few seconds, then the lights dim and it starts to save power. Not only will this monitor help to highlight the times you are distracted, it will also save you money by saving you power.

A chair without arm rests

If you work on a computer all day, then you need a chair that has wheels, that has a seat and a back to it. It shouldn't be too comfortable and it shouldn't have arm rests. Having arm rests alone is going to drink up a lot of your productive time because you will find yourself sitting back and enjoying the chair when you should be working. You may be more uncomfortable in a chair with no arm rests, but you will get more done.

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